Optimising building performance through smart energy management

As part of their 2030 goals to create more sustainable and innovative facilities, one of our customers wanted to launch a global smart building programme, providing the ability to analyze and monitor the energy performance of all its buildings.



buildings monitored



square feet managed



intervals of data collected at a time



in delivered savings in 2019



projected annual savings in 2020

This ISS client is a multinational aerospace manufacturing corporation that focuses on developing the next generation of propulsion and power solutions that are efficient, reliable and sustainable.

Their 2030 goals include creating sustainable and innovative facilities while achieving ambitious targets for greenhouse gas reduction, energy use, waste minimization, and water conservation. Their North American campus, which is managed by ISS, includes five smart buildings with a total of 606,000 square feet.  

With our expertise in energy management, we supported the customer’s sustainability strategy by: 

  1. Taking advantage of ISS’s size and concept and knowledge-sharing network to introduce a proven and successful solution from another ISS customer location, the Clockworks” Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FDD) solution, at two of the customer’s campuses. 
  2. Integrating the FDD solution with the native Building Management Systems from three different original equipment manufacturers. 
  3. Ensuring the analytics performed a daily evaluation of data collected at 5-minute intervals for key energy-using systems and equipment, including for: 
    • HVAC 
    • Chillers 
    • Air compressors 
    • Boilers 
    • Cooling towers 

The ISS team has implemented energy measures that will save the client $202,000 per year and have identified another $73,000 of pending annual savings. These results are achieving the projected one-year ROI. We are continuously monitoring the performance of the systems to ensure that these savings persist for many years. In addition, the data from rotating equipment vibration sensors are being collected and have already led to the discovery of degrading bearings and replacement before failure. 

At ISS, we combine expertise in technical services, including energy management, with a global network of concepts, tools and best practices, ensuring our customers benefit from the latest innovations and solutions from across industries.  

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