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Who can't remember a delicious meal or a great cup of coffee? Food directly affects how people feel about places – and organisations have to maximise that by offering the best food experience to their employees, customers and visitors. 

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Stand out as an employer

Today’s knowledge workers have high expectations when it comes to food in the workplace. Tasty, healthy food prepared with care and expertly served can excite your people and inspire greater loyalty to your business, while also making your workplace attractive to new talent.


Maintaining high productivity

When we eat well, we perform well. Our delicious, nutritious food has a big part to play in keeping production workers focused while on the job – helping to increase uptime, reduce the risk of employee error and cut the number of sick days.


Helping patients heal

We understand the critical importance of balancing nutrition, increasing hydration and meeting allergy and dietary needs as healthcare professionals nurse patients back to optimal health. Our menus are specifically designed to address the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and visitors.

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A fresh approach to food experiences

Great food experiences can make people happy and healthy while also raising the standard for places. Our approach to catering and hospitality facilities management matches your need for a place that works, thinks or gives. From everyday kitchen and food services to pop-up concepts and fine-dining, we tailor food experiences to your desired taste – and deliver the best the market has to offer.

​Eat in or take-away dinners

A great restaurant serves as a communal hub for your organisation – and the heart of your entire culture. Nourish your diners with healthy, freshly prepared breakfast, lunch or eat in take-away dinners, served by a team that cares about your people and their wellbeing.

Coffee bars

Never underestimate the power of a good cup of coffee or tea – it brings people together and can even increase productivity. We make it quick and easy to grab a barista-brewed coffee, tea, and other drinks and snacks on the go.

Hospitality & catering

Every meeting is potentially decisive for your company. With refreshments designed and delivered for productive meetings, we’ll help you create that “wow” meeting, keeping creativity levels high and people fuelled so that decisions are never taken on empty stomachs or with tired minds.

Pop-ups & high-street partners

Bring the outside world into your workplace with pop-up or high street concept stores. Your employees and visitors will savour the variety of food concepts and bring excitement to their day – relishing the opportunity to experiment with both new and recognisable names on the global culinary scene.

Fine dining & event catering

A memorable fine dining experience or company event has the power to inspire colleagues, strengthen organisational culture and shape loyal and long-lasting customer relationships. Let us design and deliver your bespoke entertainment and catering, including high-end, professional private dining room experiences that rival the best restaurants.

Micro-kitchens & vending

Make it simple for your employees and visitors to grab quality refreshments and light meals on-the-go with our self-serve vending machines or micro-kitchens – a cosy kitchen setting in which to gather and recharge.  
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Sustainable food solutions 

As a global company serving millions of customers annually, we acknowledge our responsibility – to the planet, our people, and the communities we serve. To this end, we have dedicated ourselves to contributing to a Net Zero Future. By committing to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions within scope 1 and 2 by 2030 and attaining full-scope net zero emissions by 2040, including our entire supply chain, we are actively fulfilling our vital role in fostering a more sustainable planet.   

ISS is the first global workplace contract catering company to sign World Resources Institute’s (WRI) Cool Food Pledge. By signing the Pledge, ISS is committing to reduce the Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Food it Serves by 25 percent by 2030. We’re working towards this goal through, among others, following initiatives:

Power Plant Programme

One of our core strategies for reducing our carbon footprint involves significantly increasing the presence of plant-based and plant-forward options on our menus. Under our POWER PLANT Programme, we are expanding our plant-based menu offerings through innovative recipe development, menu concepts, and comprehensive culinary training.

Future 50 Foods

In collaboration with Unilever, ISS is ushering in a new era of sustainable food choices for our valued consumers. The Future 50 Foods Report, a collaboration between Unilever and WWF, spotlights 50 nutritious foods with a minimal environmental footprint.

ISS is proud to introduce new plant-based recipes incorporating these Future 50 Foods across our kitchens worldwide.

Beans is How

ISS is proud to be a founding partner in the "Beans is How" coalition. This initiative unites organizations from various industries in their shared ambition to double the consumption of beans, peas, pulses, lentils, and legumes by 2028.

By championing this cause, we actively support the adoption of climate-friendly, sustainably sourced, and plant-forward food options.

Discover, how ISS Netherlands saved over 380,000 of single use items, and eliminated over 1,133 kilograms of plastic waste here.
Leveraging data and insights from our global network empowers chefs to strategically plan menus and optimise food procurement, minimising kitchen waste. Furthermore, integrating consumer feedback with plate waste statistics enables us to drive behavioural changes, effectively reducing plate waste - an essential step in our waste reduction efforts. 

In the first half of 2023, we saw a collective 30% reduction from our 2019 baseline in food waste.

This is a significant step on our journey to reduce Food Waste by 50% by 2027.

Plastic free restaurant

ISS Netherlands have launched their very first plastic-free cafeteria in The Kromhout Barracks in Utrecht. Replacing single-use and fossil fuel-based plastics with sustainable and reusable alternatives.

In one year, they will save over 380,000 items of single use items, eliminating over 1,133 kilograms of plastic waste.
At ISS, our commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility extends throughout our expansive supply chain, which spans the globe. We are dedicated to sourcing food and products that align with our core values.

A Sustainable Future: Our Ambitions by 2025

By 2025, we have set three key sourcing goals:

· 100% Cage-Free Eggs (Shell & Liquid): We're on a mission to ensure that all the eggs we source, whether in their shell or liquid form, come from cage-free environments.

· 100% Sustainable Palm Oil: We're working diligently to certify all of our palm oil as sustainable, contributing to the protection of vital ecosystems.

· 100% of Seafood products: only sourced from responsible sources

Supporting Communities: Unity Coffee Initiatives

At ISS, we believe in giving back. That's why we've pledged to donate 10% of our Raw Bean Coffee Purchases from our Unity Coffee outlets to local community social enterprise initiatives. This commitment ensures that we support not only the farming communities that grow our produce but also the communities where our sites are located. Together, we're making a positive impact on the world around us.
At ISS, we harness a variety of technology solutions to seamlessly integrate best practices into our daily operations at every site. Our holistic approach to waste reduction involves:

· E-Cook Books: We compile our recipes into e-cookbooks, making it easier for our teams to access and implement best practices.

· Global Trend Insights: We utilize the AI-based Winnow Waste Management system to identify and communicate global trends in waste reduction, ensuring that our efforts stay current and effective.

· Measuring and Rewarding Excellence:
We actively measure and reward excellence in waste reduction, motivating our teams to continuously improve and contribute to our sustainability goals.

By leveraging these technological solutions, we make sustainable behaviors an integral part of our everyday activities across all our sites.


Towards a smarter, more sustainable future 

Together with our leading customers, we strive to minimise our environmental footprint and drastically reduce food waste – this year and for many years to come.  With technology and care for the planet, our goals are to actively reduce food waste at thousands of locations. 



reduction of Green House Gas emissions from the food we serve by 2030



reduction of food waste by 2027

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