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We create workplaces where people come first, innovation thrives and sustainability matters. Our strategic approach to workplace management and design is tailored to elevate employee satisfaction, drive engagement, and boost productivity.

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Creating the best workday with people at the center

The walls of the office buildings no longer define the boundaries for work. With the workplace expanding to include the home and everything in between, we empower business leaders to transition from a building-first mentality to embracing a people-first reality.


People first

A decisive shift towards people-first servicing is shaping how organizations attract and retain talent. We design workplace experiences based on the employee life journey by deconstructing the prototypical notions of the purpose of the workplace to enable customized, curated employee journeys.  


Curating workplaces

Offices are now seen as destinations, and to this end, workplace curation is a must. Based on end-user needs, preference and motivations, we help to deliver solutions that address the multi-generation and multi-workways landscape to enhance employee satisfaction.


Enabling sustainability Changemakers

Increasingly, employees, investors and clients demand that businesses set ambitious environmental goals and deliver on them. Influencing people’s behavior, emotions, and decision-making through nudging to promote sustainability is crucial to all the work we do.


AI enabled and data informed thinking.

We harvest the power of our technologies to help your company gather analysis, transform information points into knowledge and use data to make better decisions.


Prioritizing employee well-being

We support employers in taking holistic care of employees’ physical and mental health by, among others, increasing awareness, offering conveniences at the office, provide healthy and nutritional meals, physical activity and offering mental health resources.

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A people-first workplace

Great experiences rely on unity – a shared understanding of what truly matters to our customer and their employees. Whether that’s to drive engagement, enhance wellbeing or boost productivity – our integrated ways of working, unifies memorable moments into one holistic customer experience, by connecting the dots between people, space, services, and business processes.

Understanding needs

With data and insights tracked across multiple touchpoints, we gain a deeper understanding of your employees, their preferred work journey, and physical places. We use these insights daily, to optimize our workplace experiences and help you making vital decisions regarding the future of your organization.

Touch Points

An employee’s journey through the office consists of multiple touchpoints. Each touchpoint has a direct impact on the way our employees behave, how they feel and the decisions they make. Daily, we analyze, understand the touch points consisting of the workplace journey and deliver services and interactions that create the highest amount of value, at the given time.

Experience Design

Our experience managers are dedicated to bringing to life the future of workplace through experience design, community, and best practice. Carefully designing workplace experiences, initiatives, services, and events aligned to customers’ strategy and desired outcome.

Transformation of spaces

Combined with understanding of your employees’ needs, our approach to rethinking workplaces takes you from data insights through to transformation and optimization of your physical spaces. Gearing your business effectively, for the new era of work.

Digital solutions

From IoT-driven smart buildings to an intuitive service ordering app and AI-driven technologies, we elevate our customers workplace experience - every day. Leveraging a vast global network of start-ups and experts, we’re always at the forefront of work innovation.

Sense of belonging

Every employee’s personal story is different. Cultures and heritages are different, privileges and perspectives are different. Daily, we support our customers in creating workplaces that understand and empathize with employee’s personal stories, providing them with a place to fearlessly be their authentic selves.


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