Current credit ratings for ISS A/S

ISS has an Investment Grade rating from the two largest global credit rating agencies, Moody’s and S&P. ISS maintains a close relationship with the agencies by providing continuous and relevant information to the agencies on an ongoing basis.

Rating agencyCorporate ratingOutlookDateDownload
Standard & Poor'sBBB-Positive Outlook10 May 2023Download
Moody'sBaa3Stable Outlook9 November 2020Download
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Financial reports for ISS Global A/S

ISS Global A/S is a subsidiary of ISS A/S


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EMTN bonds

ISS’s funding is mainly comprised by issued bonds with fixed interest rates

Issued bonds (fixed interest rate)Nominal interest rateCurrencyMaturityNominal value in DKK million2022 carrying amount in DKK million
EMTNs (EUR 300 million)2.125%EUR20242.2312.229
EMTNs (EUR 500 million)1.250%EUR20253.7183.594
EMTNs (EUR 500 million)0.875%EUR20263.7183.700
EMTNs (EUR 600 million)1.500%EUR20274.4624.450

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Capital allocation

We will stringently allocate capital by fulfilling four clear ambitions in prioritised order:

1. Maintaining an investment grade rating

Adhere to financial leverage target of net debt of 2.0-2.5x pro forma adjusted EBITDA and maintain investment grade rating.

2. Dividends

Pay dividend with commitment of an annual payout ratio of 20-40% of adjusted net profit for the financial year.

3. Investments

Value-creating investments in the form of M&A or enhancements of existing business.

4. Share buyback

Distribute excess cash through share buyback programmes.