From strategic insight to great workplace experiences

We gain unique operational insights from our own people, day in, day out. By combining these insights with the latest market trends and data from our facility management system, FMS@ISS, we can provide you with strategic advice on how to get the most value out of your facilities – and then bring those strategies to life, back on the ground, via our own committed, trained and empowered workforce.

Partnering for innovation

Our strategic partnerships are built on a model that encourages mutual growth and accelerates innovation in the workplace. We offer a range of intelligent solutions based on our knowledge of every aspect of the workplace experience – deploying solutions to capture data, insights and knowledge that allow us to develop innovative strategies and intelligent solutions that meet the intricate realities of service delivery.

Building smarter, more innovative workplaces

Through the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies, we’ll help connect your people and places – strengthening employee engagement, collaboration and innovation with a unique workplace experience. Together we create an environment that supports new ways of working. Booking meetings, ordering food and collaborating have never been easier.

Boosting performance with technology

Our rich data combined with IoT technology can shift planned maintenance towards predictive, proactive maintenance, reducing risk at your facilities, predicting possible failures and ensuring uptime.

Gaining knowledge, reducing cost and raising quality

With access to our business intelligence from across the globe – including from our AI-based digital facility management system – our customers benefit from insights into real estate portfolios and operations. We understand how to use the data and knowledge we gather to balance quality with efficiency, delivering cost leadership, operational excellence and global best practices.

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