ISS signs 5-year contract with a large international manufacturing company

Operations will go live starting January 2021, and new sites will be onboarded throughout the year.

ISS has entered a five-year partnership with a large international industry and manufacturing customer. The partnership includes providing integrated facility services across sites in the United States, Canada and Latin America. 

The contract will run for five years. Once fully operational and phased in, it will be one of the largest contracts in the United States and amounts to an annual revenue of approximately 1% of the 2019 Group revenue.

Jacob Aarup-Andersen, Group CEO, ISS, said: 
“We are excited and look forward to building this strategic, long-term relationship. We will work closely with our customer to ensure compliance, reduced complexity and cost leadership in their workplace, while at the same time delivering a safe working environment and a fantastic workplace experience for all their employees, visitors and partners on sites.” 

The contract covers more than 63 sites, including offices, warehouses, production and research facilities across the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Dan Ryan, CEO Americas, ISS, said: 
“Our customer intends to transition from a local sourcing model in facility management to a regional and centralized setup and ISS will be the primary supplier of integrated facility services. ISS will use its proven technology and hygiene solutions and leverage best practices from our global COVID19 service experience to provide the highest standards of service to our customer. With high levels of self-delivery, our trained and engaged colleagues within ISS will be on sites to serve our customer and their end users.” 

ISS will deliver a wide range of services, including facility management, food services, cleaning and hygiene, security and reception, waste management, technical maintenance, engineering support, landscaping, mail and parcel services, amongst others.

About ISS
ISS, a leading workplace experience and facility management company, provides placemaking solutions that contribute to better business performance and makes life easier, more productive and enjoyable – delivered to high standards by people who care. ISS believes that people make places and places make people. From strategy through to operations, ISS partners with over 60,000 customers in 30+ countries to deliver places that work, think and give and is served by 471,056 employees who connect people and places every single day. In 2019, ISS earned DKK 78 billion in revenue. It is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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