ISS commits to source cage free eggs by 2025

Through its catering services, ISS feeds millions of people at customer sites across the world. ISS has now made a commitment to the sourcing of egg suppliers who promote better farming conditions for chickens by 2025 and to end the usage of cage eggs (shell, liquid and ingredient) globally by 2025.
ISS is committed to working closely together with chicken and egg producers to reduce stocking density, improve living conditions and more generally, support the advancement of the farming, transport and slaughtering techniques to optimise animal welfare for all sourced animals.

As part of ISS’s commitment to the UN Global Compact, ISS works closely together with suppliers to source the goods and materials used in their products from agricultural, forestry, fishery and aquaculture origin in an ethical and sustainable manner.  

ISS also works together with NGOs such as The Humane League, who work to end the abuse of animals raised for food, and the Open Wing Alliance, a global coalition campaigning to free hens from cages, on the common objective to promote better farming conditions for animals.
Joseph Nazareth, Head of Group HSEQ & CR, said:
“ISS believes in conducting its business in a sustainable manner. Sustainability is the foundation of future growth and we aim to lead our industry by example. Within the environment we operate, we aim to positively influence the market, and this is particularly important given the global scale of the organisation. It is a key focus for ISS to improve the welfare and farming of animals. We have made considerable progress within this area and have made another step in our journey to improve the welfare and farming of all animals and the products being used in our supply chain.”  
Alex Suchy, European Corporate Relations Coordinator at The Humane League, said:
"We applaud ISS’s decision to eradicate cages from its supply chains, joining the ranks of a wave of companies moving towards more compassionate systems for hens. The global cage-free movement is continuing to escalate and, with companies like ISS taking this important step, we are confident that soon caging hens will be a thing of the past.”

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