From ISS management trainee to key account manager

“A great account manager is adaptable and resilient,” says David Dewhurst. “You’re constantly tackling complex, challenging tasks, so it can be very high pressure – but it’s so rewarding.” 

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Over the course of his five-year career at ISS, David has been the driving force behind many of our most prestigious global clients. As Key Account Manager at ISS France, he has a deep understanding of our organisation’s goals, and embraces our core values with ease and experience.

We caught up with David to discuss his journey from trainee to top talent, and find out what he loves about working at ISS.

From trainee to top talent
David started his education studying Law at Sorbonne University in Paris but quickly realised it was not the right fit. After completing his degree, he promptly signed up for business school, before landing a position in the ISS Global Management Trainee programme.

“Right from the very start, I just had this amazing feeling about ISS. I was so impressed with the level of energy and investment they put into the recruitment process alone, and I just got the impression that this was the right fit for me.”

David started the programme in 2015 and was positive from the get-go.

“The programme is great in that it gives you the strategic background you need to kick-start your career at ISS, as well as a deep understanding of the industry and the different markets. It gave me a taste of what we’re really capable of here at ISS.”

Three months into the programme, David was asked to manage the account for a world-famous tourist site in France as they pitched for a tender that year.

“This was a turning point for me. ISS had had the account for 23 years, but our contract was up for renewal and it was clear we needed a new approach to keep the client. We kept asking ourselves, ‘How can we make this experience amazing for the users, so we stand out against the competition?” he says.

“Our team spent nine challenging months working tirelessly, really going that extra mile. And we were successful. We managed to keep the contract.”

Following his hard work on this account, David shifted to work at one of ISS’s key global corporate clients and the biggest contract within France’s cleaning industry.

In early 2019, he moved on to his current role at a big tech group, serving as Regional Lead for France. Here, David and his team play an essential role in supporting the group in their global transformation by ensuring budget control, generating savings and results, as well as helping them create a working environment that appeals to top talent.

“One of the major challenges for our client is attracting and retaining talent. We work together in these missions by making the end-user experience on the premises incredible.”

Strong teams and solidarity
For David, it’s the people – and the strong collaborative working culture – that sets ISS apart.

“The bigger the struggle, the stronger the bond. Operations can be very stressful, but at ISS, these challenges create solidarity. Our teams are amazing, and management is always there to help us see the bigger picture and capitalise on our strengths.”

As for his future at ISS, David is thinking big, but staying local.

“I hope to see myself grow within the company, but right now I’m just focused on winning more contracts so we can expand and use my abilities at and for the service of ISS. When you’re happy and learning and working with a great team, why look elsewhere?!”

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