Melanie Cooke

Meet Mel, an inspiring example of where hard work and ambition can take you. She has achieved remarkable success over 28 years at ISS, with 11 promotions and two awards from her peers. Today, she is managing one of ISS' largest client sites.

Mel has always been an ambitious and hardworking woman – from her first job at the age of 10, to her role today as a leader and rising star at ISS. Mel’s parents instilled in her that she and her siblings had to work hard for what they wanted, and that with perseverance, they could accomplish anything they set their mind to. She and her family did not have a high level of education, yet Mel was determined to create a better future for herself through dedication and career success. 

Mel began her career at ISS in 1996 as a Catering Assistant. Always a “people-person,” Mel channelled her interest in helping others and elevating levels of customer service expectations into a natural career in food and hospitality. Since then, Mel has fought for every opportunity that has come her way – progressing after 28 years of dedication, through 11 roles, each with increasing levels of diverse responsibilities, and the rewards that accompany them.

I've had every opportunity, so I want to make sure that all our placemakers have great opportunities to develop too. If they want it, they can do it.

Melanie Cooke, Operations Lead

Today, she manages day to day operations at one of ISS’ largest client sites- driven by a powerful desire to exceed her client’s expectations - delivering happy, safe and reliable workspaces. She credits her high energy, ambition, hard work and family role models for the success she enjoys today as a valuable leader and rising star at ISS.

Mel’s strong work ethic and commitment to excellence have been recognised. She recently received the awards of “Mentor of the Year” and “Co-worker of the Year” from her peers. Today, she is excited to embark on a new role, Service Experience Manager, a position which centres around a comprehensive approach to training and development - a big passion of hers, and one that will allow her the chance to provide others with the same opportunities that Mel has had.