Lettizia Kris Harajanto


Lettizia Kris Harjanto: Jumping onto a moving train 

In October 2020, Letti embarked on her career at ISS as a Global Management Trainee in Indonesia, graduating in April 2022. Her journey has been nothing short of remarkable, characterised by swift progressions and significant achievements, even finding herself hosting and supporting 400 top leaders at ISS’s Global Leadership Conference in Munich, 2022. 

Letti’s initial role at ISS was Facilities Manager for a large technology client. Her potential quickly became evident, and it was not long before her role expanded into the position of Operation Head for another major client. Letti remarks on this progression and her personal drive:

“I could work in any industry, but I choose to work in the service industry because of the opportunity to connect with people. We don’t just help our business; we also make a difference in the lives of our clients. Every day is different, with new challenges and excitement – this is what keeps me motivated.

“Understanding why clients make decisions and seeing things from other people’s perspective is often the key to finding the best solution. This skill, learned at work, has also helped me to grow personally, improving my relationships with friends and family.

“Operation Head is a very different role, suddenly I was looking after a support function and heading up a 60-people-strong placemaker team.” 

Talking about what makes her proud, Letti explains:

 "It means a lot to see my team not just ticking the boxes but actively seeking development. Of course, it means extra work for me” – Letti says jokingly, “but I am proud of the way that they are thinking about their future.”

A mentor’s influence
One of the pivotal influences in Letti's career has been her manager Rani Anggandari, Key Account Manager, who was also previously her mentor during her time as a management trainee. This relationship continued to shape Letti’s professional journey as she transitioned into her role as Operation Head:

“Rani has always believed in and advocated for me. She pushed me to see what I could achieve and encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. I remember a particularly tough contract renewal – Rani urged me to come up with solutions and make my own decisions. The experience taught me to think bigger and broader, not just focusing on what’s right in front of me, but also looking two or three steps ahead”, Letti says. 

Asking questions and being curious
Another significant milestone in Letti’s career came in 2022 when she successfully applied to become a host for the ISS Global Leadership Conference (GLC). This meant hosting a three-day conference for ISS’s top 400 leaders. Reflecting on this experience, Letti says:

“The reality hit me a few seconds before going on stage when a video of the moment that I was told I’d be hosting was played on screen. It was a mixed bag of emotions – terrified, anxious, feeling like I wanted to cry, but also excited. It dawned on me that I would be standing in front of ISS’s most senior leaders from across the whole world – an utterly surreal experience.”
Fast forward to this year and Letti was invited to be the project manager for the 2024 GLC, held in Mumbai, India:
“I felt excited and proud about this move, but also quite nervous. It was like jumping onto a moving train where it felt like everyone else already knew what they were doing. I tried to appear confident and sometimes this stopped me from asking questions. One big lesson I learned is that it is OK to ask questions and be curious – the more input you get, the better the solution. It’s not always easy but I am getting much better at it”, she says.
A key to success: being flexible and adaptable

When asked about the advice she would give to someone starting their career, Letti emphasises the importance of flexibility and adaptability:

“I love structure and clear guidelines, but often the reality just doesn’t work this way. Sometimes things are more scattered, and you need to figure out solutions on your own and how to be adaptive. Being flexible is a great life skill.”