Maximising opportunities for indigenous groups in Australia

As one of the world’s largest employers, we have a role to play in improving employment opportunities for people across the globe – including providing sustainable employment and career development for indigenous Australians.

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ISS Australia is committed to maximizing opportunities for local indigenous groups and individuals.

We do this through supplier partnerships and ISS Indigenous Employment Programmes, which are designed to support our business operations and fulfil our commitment to providing sustainable employment and career development opportunities for indigenous Australians. 

The programme supports the broader ISS Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and aligns with the Australian Federal Government’s vision to “Close the Gap”. For local Aboriginal communities and broader indigenous populations, ISS provides a valuable source of employment, education and cultural interaction that engenders a sense of pride and independence for employees. 

ISS indigenous commitments  

  • Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP): 
    ISS Pacific’s RAP 2019-2022 will successfully build on the foundations of the first, which was implemented in 2015. The plan has been developed to demonstrate our commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples and our desire to play an important role in improving employment and enterprise opportunities for Australia’s First People. 

    ISS was first recognised as a Corporate Leader by the Australian Federal Government in 2008 and since then has achieved a number of positive outcomes in the areas of indigenous employment, business and community engagement. 

    Over the past 10 years, ISS has provided over 850 new employment opportunities and spent more than $7 million with indigenous businesses. We have also learnt a great deal in the way we interact with the community, ISS leaders and our customers on the importance and emphasis we place on achieving our targeted actions and commitments. 

    Whilst our results have been commendable, there is still an opportunity for us to improve our performance to ensure our activities remain transparent and beneficial to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples. Our re-energised efforts, as outlined in our RAP 2019-2022, combined with enhanced collaboration with indigenous communities will ensure we achieve our expected goals in this important area. 
  • Employment Parity Initiative (EPI):
    ISS is a proud partner of the Australian Federal Government’s EPI programme, under which we are contractually committed to achieving an indigenous employment rate of 3%, equivalent to the proportion of total population, across our Australian workforce by December 2020. 

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