A critical partnership that keeps society going

For a decade now, ISS has been taking care of the functioning of the premises of Suomen Erillisverkot, the State Security Networks Group Finland, a company whose operations are essential for Finnish society as a whole. Even the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t affected ISS’s delivery of technical services, energy management and other offerings.

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The ten-year partnership between ISS and Suomen Erillisverkot (State Security Networks Group Finland) covers approximately 15 locations throughout Finland.

These underground locations are large properties where essential equipment is protected. Due to the nature of their operations, the location of these sites is kept secret. Erillisverkot is a state-owned company that handles management functions that are critical for society, including national telecommunications networks and data centres.  

Erillisverkot’s Esa Wörlin is responsible for all premises and server room operations – that is, for the company’s maintenance as a whole. 

“We have tens of thousands of square metres of space and server room operations. We have locations throughout the country from Lapland to southern Finland, and they contain equipment and systems that enable communications between both central government and commercial companies. So we’re talking about communication stations and server rooms,” says Esa. 

ISS’s role is to ensure that the technical systems of these important premises maintain uptime. The cooperation covers the maintenance and repair work of all the building technology as well as investments in life cycle management of the building technology equipment. For example, if a ventilation unit breaks down, ISS will also be responsible for replacing it. 

ISS account manager Pasi Auvinen is responsible for operations on the account. 

“This is a broad partnership: ISS provides various services to Erillisverkot, such as technical maintenance, cleaning and control room services, and on-call services. In fact, we provide all the services for the sites, except the locking system and security,” Pasi says. 

“In addition, we have most recently signed an agreement on the piloting of backup power engines and installation services related to the server rooms,” says Esa. 

“Due to the scale of our operations, we need a stable and skilled partner for maintenance.”

Esa Wörlin, Production Manager, State Security Networks Group Finland

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