Digital tracking & benchmarking to make places work – and think

With FMS@ISS, our facility management system, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) technology, we are using data to connect people and places – and offer our customers increased agility, reliability and transparency.

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Key account customers want ISS to deliver services in an efficient and transparent way.

For those customers with multiple sites, they also want consistency across their real estate portfolio. Information is key to meeting these needs. FMS@ISS is our facility management system and our digital backbone. It provides a powerful, data-driven platform for on-site tracking performance. This includes monitoring how and when our teams perform certain tasks or illustrating when property assets need to be serviced or replaced. This insight is available on a performance dashboard – on a mobile device – and allows us to benchmark service deliveries and drive intelligent change. 

Our integrated, self-delivery model increases the value we can extract from FMS@ISS. One system providing visibility and insight across multiple service lines, tasks and assets, supported by an empowered team of on-site professionals able to react to the situation at hand. Take Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia, for example. ISS services 260 locations across the city, processing some 600 work orders daily. Each issue must be resolved quickly to ensure uptime of the network is maintained and customer journeys are not disrupted. FMS@ISS ensures things run smoothly whilst affording complete operational transparency. Bluetooth beacons at stations allow our employees to swiftly update FMS@ISS on any issue. The system’s real-time monitoring provides both ISS and Metro Trains with a map of the entire network and allows us to take immediate action if we see any dips in performance. As a result, we maintain a 99% success rate across the entire network. 

FMS@ISS offers built-in flexibility to serve our customers’ wide range of needs, including real estate management, project & programme management, space management, operations & maintenance, and energy & environment. As we roll out a single, global version of FMS@ ISS to our key account customers, we continue to deploy more features, with developments on one account passed on to all customers. Everyone benefits. 

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