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How could one of the biggest hospitals in the world – with more than 2 million patients a year – outsource their facility services to a single provider and ensure everything ran smoothly? We provided the answer in the form of Integrated Facility Services.

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Adana City Hospital, part of Turkey’s Public Private Partnership project, is one of the biggest hospitals in the world.

Last year, the hospital cared for more than 2,000,000 patients, including nearly 90,000 who were admitted to stay during treatment. But with 1,550 beds and several separate buildings, Adana’s management faced a huge challenge: How could they outsource the different services required to keep such a large hospital running smoothly? Was it possible to manage so many services using just one provider? 

Consolidate and innovate 

The answer is: Yes, it is possible. With our integrated services and complete facility management solution, Adana Hospital now has just one outsourcing partner, ISS. We manage the hospital’s workflows and services across the campus and inside all buildings, coordinating cleaning, food, reception, transport, porter, and laundry services. And importantly, we deliver all services with our own people. 

We can remove the complexity of managing multiple suppliers and easily join up the strategic overview for the account with tactical planning and the operations on site. Which helps the hospital put its focus back on what’s most important – caring for the patients and guiding them to become healthy and happy. 

This integrated approach has also allowed us to create systems and develop technology specifically for Adana hospital that have improved efficiency. For example, a real-time tracking system to improve logistics by managing the 15 tons of laundry that’s washed daily at the hospital. Or the QR codes allowing staff to scan meal trays and match the food to the correct patient, which in turn supports the delivery of our menus, designed to aid patient recovery.  

The success is reflected in our latest satisfaction surveys. The overall satisfaction rate – including for hospital staff – is 88%. 

Looking to the future 

Adana is not a stand-alone example. ISS is a global knowledge-sharing community. We have drawn on knowledge from other successful contracts in, e.g. Singapore and the UK to deliver world-class hospital experiences that emphasize cost efficiency, safety and great patient care. Meanwhile, the innovations we’ve developed for Adana have since become best practice across all our other Turkish Public Private Partnership accounts. 

That is how we share concepts and best practices from global to the local. Which ultimately, helps to care for patients everywhere. 

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