ISS leads the way towards a plastic-free future

In today's world, the environmental challenges posed by plastic waste have reached unprecedented levels. With growing concerns about the impact of plastic pollution on our planet, businesses across industries are seeking innovative solutions to reduce their plastic usage and transition towards a circular economy. ISS achieved a significant milestone by opening the first plastic-free company restaurant in the Netherlands, setting a new benchmark for sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Food Services
ISS's commitment to reducing plastic waste is exemplified by its partnership with the Plastic Pact in the Netherlands. The Plastic Pact brings together industry leaders, governments, and NGOs with a common goal of reducing plastic waste, promoting recycling, and fostering sustainable practices. Through this partnership, ISS emphasises its dedication to becoming one of the leading environmental advocates and catalysts for real change in its industry.

Operation 100% Plastic-Free: a blueprint for success
Under the ambitious initiative named Operation 100% Plastic-Free, ISS spearheaded the creation of a blueprint for a plastic-free company restaurant in the city of Utrecht. Within a few months, ISS successfully implemented this initiative, effectively reducing its plastic usage by an astounding 1,200 kilos. To put it in perspective, this reduction is equivalent to eliminating 380,000 pieces of plastic waste annually. As per the original aim, this project established a scalable model that can be replicated across other ISS locations. 

Championing sustainability: setting new standards
By inaugurating the first plastic-free company restaurant in the Netherlands, ISS has set a new standard of sustainability and environmental responsibility. This milestone not only underscores ISS's commitment to creating a circular economy but also positions them as pioneers in the field. The success of this innovative project showcases ISS's dedication to being recognised as champions of sustainable workplaces. 

The importance of reducing plastic waste
The urgency to reduce plastic waste has become increasingly apparent in recent years. Plastic pollution poses a grave threat to our ecosystems, marine life, and human health. Single-use plastics, in particular, contribute significantly to this environmental crisis. By embracing initiatives like Operation 100% Plastic-Free, ISS highlights the importance of reducing plastic waste and transitioning to more sustainable alternatives. This transformative approach not only benefits the environment but also creates a positive ripple effect, inspiring other organisations to follow suit.

ISS's dedication to reducing plastic waste and its ground-breaking achievement of opening the first plastic-free company restaurant in the Netherlands signify a crucial step towards a circular economy. By championing initiatives like Operation 100% Plastic-Free, ISS demonstrates its commitment to environmental leadership and driving real change within its industry. As plastic pollution continues to threaten our planet, ISS's efforts serve as an inspiration for other organisations to embrace sustainability, foster innovation, and prioritise the transition to a circular economy. It is through initiatives like these that we can collectively create a sustainable and prosperous world for generations to come.