An ambitious goal: 20,000 electric vehicles by 2030

ISS has begun an ambitious agenda of increasing the electrification of its fleet of approximately 20,000 vehicles by 2030. The company has already made significant progress towards this goal, with approximately 1,500 of its vehicles electrified by mid 2023.

ISS has a fleet of 20,000 vehicles globally that generate 60,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. These emissions fall under Scope 1 of the company's comprehensive emissions inventory. The company aims to cut these emissions by a third by 2025 and down to zero by 2030. Between 2021 and 2022, ISS managed to achieve a 7.3% reduction in CO2, setting the company on the right path towards its overarching goal for 2030. By the summer of 2023, ISS had rolled out 1,443 electrified vehicles, with 681 of these being fully electric cars. Additionally, 26% of ISS' total vehicle order volume in 2023 is made up of electrified vehicles. This means that an additional 500 cars will be delivered and integrated into the fleet by the end of this year.

The electrification of our fleet will accelerate further during the next years, as more and more electric vehicles will be launched and charging infrastructure will improve. We are optimistic to hit our fleet electrification target.

Patrik Havranek - Head of Group Fleet Management
A significant part of the total fleet is leased through LeasePlan, ISS’ fleet management partner. To meet the electrification goal of the total fleet, ISS is working closely with LeasePlan to identify the best vehicles for each application and to ensure that charging infrastructure is in place to support the growing number of electric vehicles.

The move towards electrification is a critical component of ISS' broader sustainability strategy, which aims to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations and minimise environmental impact. By transitioning to electric vehicles, ISS is reducing emissions and positioning itself for long-term success in a rapidly changing industry. With the support of LeasePlan and other partners, ISS is well positioned to achieve this goal and continue to lead the industry in sustainability initiatives.