The Art of Service Excellence: Madison Pugh’s Insights and Techniques

Madison Pugh, a New York-based General Manager of Beverage and Dining Services, shares her insights on how to create exceptional client experiences.

Emily Hecker

Senior Manager, Internal Communications

Madison Pugh, General Manager of Beverage and Dining Services on a client account, embodies the convergence of hospitality and innovation in her work. As a recent recipient of the Apple Award—an ISS program recognizing outstanding service delivery—she leads a talented team of chefs and client service professionals to provide exceptional experiences at two client locations in New York. Since joining ISS in 2022, Madison has implemented best practices that prioritize providing exceptional support to employees and guests alike. Here, she shares her insights on how to achieve this goal.

Focus on the Finer Points

“You eat first with your eyes,” Madison says. “If the food and beverage my team prepares look good, the client will be excited to consume it.” Madison believes that the visual appeal of food and drink is a crucial element of the dining experience, and that the excitement and anticipation generated by an aesthetically pleasing presentation can enhance the overall enjoyment of the meal. By paying attention to the visual details of each dish and drink, Madison and her team strive to create an immersive, satisfying dining experience for clients.


Cultivate Strong Relationships with Event Hosts

As the manager of café dining, catering, evening events, and three barista bars, Madison dedicates a significant portion of her time to supporting event hosts throughout the planning process. She leverages her expertise to provide guidance and recommendations that align with the client’s needs and budget, ensuring that each event is tailored to their specific requirements. 

“Whether our hosts need help finding their footing, understanding what’s included in the provided services, or staying on budget, my team and I are there for them,” Madison says. “We want to help them achieve their vision and deliver exceptional experiences.”

Teamwork Leads to Success

In fast-paced environments, teamwork is crucial to ensure smooth operations and timely service delivery. Madison makes sure to promote an environment based on mutual respect, effective communication, and a sense of accountability among team members. “We all are critical components of the team,” she notes. “From the front of house to the back of house, we all have to work together to deliver outstanding client experiences.”