Placemaker Profile: Beth Briones

Beth Briones, a San Antonio-based Talent Operations Manager, discusses the trajectory and growth of her career at ISS.

Emily Hecker

Senior Manager, Internal Communications

Beth Briones, Talent Operations Manager located in San Antonio, started at ISS in 2013 as an Administrative Specialist. She joined through a temp agency for a month-long assignment. Impressed by the company culture and career opportunities, she eagerly accepted a full-time Administrative Specialist role when it became available. Over the next three years, Beth would take on the responsibilities of receptionist, as well as assisting with hiring, performance management, billing, and occasional frontline cleaning and warehouse tasks.

“I believe in learning as much as you can and networking as you go,” Beth says. “The opportunities are there. Building your knowledge of our people, systems, processes, and procedures can help you find them.”

When EPAY, a new HR and payroll software, rolled out to Beth’s office in 2016, she became the resident subject-matter expert and joined a training task force. Her increased expertise and can-do attitude caught the attention of the leadership team assembling a centralized team to support Blueforce, EPAY’s time and labor management system. Beth was encouraged to apply for an open Business Application Specialist role—and she got it.


“Moving from a branch office to a corporate role certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone—in a good way,” Beth says. “I significantly grew my public speaking skills and began comfortably leading training sessions for hundreds of Placemakers.”

By deepening her expertise and growing her confidence in public speaking, Beth felt ready to pursue a managerial role with direct reports. She applied for and was offered an Operations Support Manager position in 2018.


Every manager I’ve ever worked for has taught me something about the type of leader I want to be.

Beth Briones, Talent Operations Manager

“Every manager I’ve ever worked for has taught me something about the type of leader I want to be,” Beth says. “I’ve put those lessons into practice and prioritize encouraging my employees—encouraging them to do their best work, learn new skills, and volunteer for projects or groups that interest them.”

After a little over a year in the Operations Support Manager role, Beth was offered a new Talent Operations Manager position within the People & Culture team to support the rollout of a new staffing software, Erecruit

“Growth is very possible at ISS,” she says. “Always keep cultivating your realm of knowledge. If you see something that you think might be a good fit for you, take that leap of faith and apply. You know, it might just happen.”