A multinational company with a family feel

Agnes Adamer started working part-time at ISS while studying. Eight years later, she’s Site Manager at one of the largest hospitals in Europe, where she leads a 400-person team and is a key part of the patient journey. 

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We’re all here for the good of the patients – it’s a great feeling to be part of that

Agnes Adamer, ISS Site Manager
A multi-cultural team

At the hospital, our staff deliver services that go well beyond cleaning. They can often be found on the ward and in waiting areas, for example, helping visitors find their way or translating between doctor and patient, if language issues occur. 

“The hospital has patients from across Austria and abroad – and some patients don’t understand the language or health system very well,” explains Agnes. “Our team is multi-cultural, so we speak many languages. That’s why we’re often asked to step in to help.”

It was this multi-culturalism that first attracted Agnes to ISS eight years ago. She began part-time as a recruiter while studying Management and Economics at university. But she soon switched, so she could work full-time at ISS and complete her studies part-time. She has since held roles at different sites across Austria, but the special ISS family feel has always been present.

“I just love the fact that ISS is a big multinational company that feels like a family. My team come from all over the world, but we all support each other, and we’re all here for the good of the patients. It’s a great feeling to be part of that.”

The ultimate ‘thank you’ note

Ultimately, Agnes and her team are the guardians of hygiene and cleanliness in the hospital. Work that is essential for the health and safety of patients and staff. 

“When the hospital receives a ‘thank you’ note from a patient, they often mention the nice man or woman who brought their food or cleaned their room. Reading this is a fantastic feeling, and I make sure to share it with the team,” says Agnes. “In the light of the COVID-19 situation, patients are increasingly grateful for the work we do. They understand the difference it makes to their safety and recovery – and I’m proud that my team is able to deliver it.”

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As Site Manager, Agnes Adamer is responsible for all our services at one of the largest hospitals in Europe, from cleaning wards and windows to making up beds and serving food to patients. She coordinates with the customer to establish exactly what is needed and then works with her team to ensure those needs are met. 

“Our role is to make sure the doctors and nurses have everything they need, so they can concentrate on treating patients,” she says. “This means we have to listen carefully. I often ask the hospital staff to show us how they do things, so we can build our routines around them. In doing so, we help to contribute to a pleasant and effective healing environment for patients.”

Finding creative solutions, fast

The strict regulations, size and complexity of a hospital can pose some challenges. When COVID-19 first hit Austria, for example, Agnes and her team had to act fast, reorganizing cleaning routines, implementing extra health checks, and providing additional in-depth training on how to work safely. But how do you train 400 staff if you can’t gather them together in a room? 

Agnes’s solution was to create short instruction videos on her phone that she could share with her team. This supplemented fact sheets, work instructions, and other ways of bringing cleaning excellence to life. It is this kind of creativity and dedication that has made Agnes such a popular leader – with her team and the customer.