Winnow Helps ISS Transform How it Deals with Food Waste

Winnow food waste technology solutions help ISS transform how it deals with waste in dining programs at commercial real estate facilities around the world.

ISS Guckenheimer’s goal is to be the first major U.S. food service provider to cut its food waste in half by 2027. That means embracing innovative solutions that help the company and clients attain new levels of sustainability in facility dining solutions. Partnering with Winnow is one of several initiatives that will help ISS accomplish its goals and keep bold promises like the Cool Food Pledge commitment. 

More About Winnow

Winnow is a food waste solution technology company that makes collecting data on food waste simple. Winnow makes it easy for kitchen teams to measure food waste quickly and accurately.

·       Trusted by chefs across 45 countries

·       5% to 15% of what kitchens purchase is wasted

The majority of kitchens waste more food than they realize, “Food waste is hard to measure, and hard to manage.” Winnow is making it easier with solutions for kitchens of all sizes.

From technology that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to versatile tracking tablets, Winnow food waste technology solutions are curbing food waste at the source.

Winnow's Partnership with ISS

ISS is proud to partner with Winnow and bring sustainable solutions to facility dining programs. While ISS has been partnering with Winnow globally since 2019, Covid-19 delayed the first U.S. pilot program until 2021. The U.S. rollout is now entering its final phase with 135 ISS Guckenheimer locations expected to have the technology up and running by the end of 2022.

More Than Just Cost Savings

By reducing food production to meet the true needs of a given facility, ISS helps clients achieve much more than just food-related cost reductions.

"Since the implementation of Winnow, we have been able to further reduce our food waste by about 1/3," says Kris Cloots, CEO and Community Manager of ISS Belux. "This not only about saving food, but it is also about saving energy, water and working time."


Sustainable Supply Networks

ISS works with suppliers all over the globe. By procuring less, Winnow helps reduce the environmental impacts of ISS’ supply chain. Less volume also allows ISS procurement teams to build relationships with quality suppliers that align with ISS’ values. 

Higher-Purpose Work Environments

Producing less food also means preparing less food, freeing kitchen staff to perform higher value work like designing creative menus and other future planning. Less food waste also translates to less garbage and cleaning professionals who have more time to focus on tasks other than excessive garbage removal and clean up. 


"At its core, Winnow is about helping chefs use data to drive better food preparation and production habits," Joseph Mullings, Corporate Responsibility Manager, says. "It not only shows how much food we're wasting but where we're wasting it — which dishes are the biggest culprits." 

We are committed to using leading-edge technology solutions to generate real-world value — which in this case has culminated in a more efficient, environmentally sustainable approach to food management.” 

Paul Fairhead, ISS Guckenheimer CEO

Fit for Purpose

The size of a client’s location determines the version of Winnow needed. The customized solution makes it easy to adapt Winnow’s technology to any facility.

Small kitchens

Housed on a mobile tablet, Winnow Track is a simple food waste tracking system that drives awareness of food waste management and encourages behavioral changes. 

Mid-size kitchens

An insightful, intuitive setup with a built-in camera and connected scale uses the power of photos to drive behavioral change and identify cost-reduction opportunities.

Large kitchens

Winnow Transform is a top-tier technology that uses machine learning to automatically identify, measure, and track food waste, while also offering food item predictions. 

Why ISS Chooses Winnow

Driven by data from Winnow's technology, ISS Guckenheimer sites are expected to reduce their food waste in the U.S. by 25% by the end of 2022. The momentum will continue to grow as ISS teams learn to work with Winnow's food waste technology and use its data to inform food production and ordering decisions.

Find Out More

To learn more about ISS Guckenheimer’s partnership with Winnow, contact Paul Fairhead