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Solutioning for diverse sites, cultures, and people

Strategic analysis, flexibility, creativity, and cooperation helped make food more than an amenity in the client’s workspaces.

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Services provided: 

Corporate café 



Self-serve satellite café 

Office coffee 


A technology company retained ISS Guckenheimer to provide food services for its worldwide headquarters as well as facilities housing office, manufacturing, assembly, and distribution functions.

The diversity of the client’s sites and cultures made standardizing food a challenge. ISS Guckenheimer used analytics to understand historic preferences and participation, and then activated facilities, catering, and cuisine according to site needs. Flexibility allowed for adjustments to food production and staff deployed.

To increase participation, ISS Guckenheimer marketed diverse dishes and worked with employee resource groups to host events. This proactivity helped make food a driving factor in attracting people back to the office. The café in the client’s headquarters now serves 7,000+ meals weekly.

As the client’s operations evolved, so did its food requirements. ISS Guckenheimer developed solutions so the dining facilities in new and existing buildings met projected or actual use.

A partnership with the client to convert to compostable and re-usable service ware and compost organic waste benefited the client’s sustainability commitment. An agreement with a food bank ensured that surplus food went to help the needy.