Ensuring innovation, collaboration, recruitment, and retention

Agility was the key to ISS’ success in serving the food, facility management, and workplace support needs of a client focused on continuous change and improvement.

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Year started with ISS

Meals served annually


Services provided: 

Preventative maintenance + engineering 

Fire safety + prevention 

First aid + safety 

Plumbing + handyman services 

Pest control 

Corporate café, catering, micro-kitchens 


A digital media services company retained ISS for food, facility management, and workplace support services for its U.S. headquarters and 10 other locations. Those services would create an environment that facilitated innovation, collaboration, recruitment, and retention.

ISS harnessed 50+ functions to manage the variety and dispersity of services contracted. Governance provided accountability and a process for continuous improvement. Solutions were developed for locations without existing resources, and vendors identified to manage tasks that ISS would not directly provide.

The client cultivated a culture of change and innovation. ISS therefore became a nimble agent, adapting to requests and proactively developing ideas. To increase on-site dining post-pandemic, ISS revised its menus to cater to staff preferences. The team made ordering and paying easy and quick, giving employees more time with colleagues or at their desks.

Increasing costs led to adjustment in the client’s facility spend. ISS creatively reduced expenses without impacting service or experience. Preferred vendors decreased the cost of frequent purchases, as did tuning offerings to site-appropriate levels. Mixing plated food with self-service options trimmed labor costs. Through Winnow waste tracking and right-sized production, ISS eliminated nearly 2,000 lbs. of food waste in six months in the client’s main headquarters kitchen.