Laboratory colleagues discussing research


Consolidating services for more efficient facilities

Bloated costs, siloed teams, and reduced efficiency characterized a client’s laboratory, office, and warehouse facilities before it retained ISS.

Year started with ISS


End users




7.5 million 
Square feet managed


Services provided: 

Technical services 

Food services 

Workplace services 

Lab support services 

Cleaning/Disinfectant services 


A global biopharmaceutical company retained ISS to provide integrated facility services for laboratories, office space, and warehouses in North America. These services and experiences had to meet the needs of employees, foster an environment where people could thrive professionally, and provide efficiency and cost savings to streamline operations.

Before ISS, 20 subcontractors delivered facility services, leading to bloated costs, siloed teams, and reduced efficiency. The client also relied on staffing agencies to fill gaps and needed change management guidance to cultivate a safe, healthy workplace that reflected its culture, boosted productivity, and encouraged communication and collaboration.

ISS worked to build trust, identify pain points, and explore ways to achieve the client’s goals. A flexible support model encouraged cross-functional operations and better communication. ISS trained incumbent employees in new functions to expand self-performance of services and facilitate as-needed assistance.

Through ISS’ management and self-delivery of services, the client reduced its need for both subcontractors and staffing agencies. ISS also provided increased visibility and centralization of data tracking and reporting through its proprietary technology platform.