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Centralize, standardize, and simplify

In an effort to reverse challenges caused by excessive numbers of service providers and locally focused leaders, a client chose ISS for integrated facility services for its multi-use, multinational portfolio.

Year started with ISS


Client employees supported




1.5 million  
Square feet managed globally


Services provided: 

Technical services 

Food services 

Workplace services 

Lab support services 

Cleaning/Disinfectant services 


A global consumer products company sought to centralize, simplify, and better standardize the management of its office, manufacturing, and retail facilities. ISS was hired to provide integrated facility services for this multinational portfolio.

Before ISS, dozens of organizations served the client’s facilities. This resulted in disorganization, inefficiency, little standardization, unreliable reporting, culture challenges, and unnecessary and redundant costs. Local focus and autonomy also contributed to the challenges.

Through self-delivery, ISS had the resources to bring most of the outsourced services in house. This produced cost savings, as well as the centralization and standardization of facility processes, practices, and outcomes. ISS’ technology elevated data capture and analysis, transparency, and capital planning. A new governance model increased communication and business reviews.

ISS worked with client leaders to shift from local to global perspective, facilitating collaboration, adoption of standards, and introduction of ISS’ suppliers. ISS leaned on its food services to strengthen client culture in struggling locations.

ISS supported the client’s sustainability targets and generated double-digit savings each year of the contract through smarter, more environmentally friendly operations, services, and supplies.