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One of the world’s largest ports was looking for a partner that could help them manage transparency while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Through our integrated facility services, Maasvlakte II found a holistic solution that keeps their people happy and their terminals running smoothly, freeing them to focus on their core business. 

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Spotlight on transparency  

APM Terminals operates one of the most comprehensive port and integrated inland service networks in the world. Headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, the company has 74 terminals in their global network, and handles around 250 vessel calls per day.  

The client was looking for a single service provider that could provide scalable facility services for their two major terminals in the Netherlands – Rotterdam and Maasvlakte II.  

Maaike Muller-Schoel, Key Account Manager at ISS in The Netherlands, was able to provide a candid account of how our integrated services solution paved the way to business success. 

We started by offering our technical services in and around Maasvlakte II terminal, coordinating everything from our 24/7 onsite ISS service desk. From building and property maintenance to electrical installations and waste management, each of these services was delivered by the capable hands of our own people – a strong team of engineering specialists and technical experts.  

“This was a relatively new service offering for us in The Netherlands. Never before had we been responsible for the civil maintenance on such a large outside area,” says Maaike. “But working hand in hand with the client and our own skilled people, we were able to deliver our services with great success.”  

A year later, we had delivered a 5% cost saving with more savings in scope, and Maasvlakte II decided to extend the contract to include soft services. This meant coordinating everything from food and cleaning services to office supplies. Here, the focus was on transforming the terminal and port into more than just a transient place, creating positive experiences for employees and visitors. The success of the contract extension is reflected in our latest customer satisfaction survey, and mirrored in the response of Maasvlakte II staff. 

“We were looking for a partner that could help us reduce costs, while still fostering a well-maintained and safe terminal. To this day, we are on track in our cooperation and confident we will continue to realise our joint objectives,” says Andre Langendoen, Director Procurement and Facilities at Maasvlakte II.

To this day, we are on track in our cooperation and confident we will continue to realise our joint objectives.

Andre Langendoen, Director Procurement and Facilities at Maasvlakte II

A partnership between two world leaders  

Despite its overall success, the contract has not been without its challenges – particularly in the area of technical services.  

“This was the first time Maasvlakte II was looking to outsource their technical services, so there was naturally a need for us to build trust. It’s normal for people to wonder, ‘Why ISS? Can they really do it better than us?’,” Maaike says.  

Through people management and keeping an open dialogue, Maaike and her team were able to turn setbacks into solutions.  

“We focused on explaining our method and our way of thinking, so they would feel at ease in our hands. We always operate with full transparency – we’re open on margins, reports, and strategic planning. Our approach is to be transparent in our technical preventive multi-year planning which helps Maasvlakte II to make the costs more predictable and to lower the corrective maintenance costs. This has proven so important in building trust and a stronger partnership between our two organisations.”   

Maaike asserts that much of the contract’s success has come to down to this healthy partnership – and by setting clear visions for the future.    

“Our partnership is like a great marriage – it will last for a very long time and only grows stronger throughout the years. As Maasvlakte II expands, we hope to continue to grow with them, supporting them on their journey as a port infrastructure leader.” 

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