Putting our energy into reducing consumption

Places affect people – but also the planet. More and more of our customers – including banking customers like Nordea – are asking how we can help them reduce their environmental footprint, reduce costs and make processes more efficient. It’s priority for us too.

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We want to be more efficient about how we use resources and cut down on waste, including plastic pollution.

One specific area we have been working on is reducing energy consumption. We’re taking what we’ve learned ourselves and are helping customers put it into practice in their businesses. Our approach combines data, insight and our service know-how, to help our customers improve sustainability. Here’s how we are doing just that for Nordea. 

Energy management 

We started with data. We carried out a mapping and energy audit at Nordea’s Norwegian headquarters to establish a baseline reading of their energy consumption. We also began to integrate systems to provide greater transparency. During the audits and integration, we discovered a number of improvement opportunities that would result in future cost-avoidance.  

We took our findings, qualified them into business cases and proposed the changes to Nordea. For example, one of the business cases focused on replacing the old light bulbs with the latest LED technology throughout the parking garage and thereby reducing electricity consumption. Through all recommended changes, ISS estimates that Nordea could avoid CO2 emissions by 747 tonnes over a five-year period. 

Looking into the future 

Our work doesn’t stop here. We are scaling our energy management service across all of Nordea, covering their headquarters by the end of 2020. We will also expand our service to improve Nordea’s waste management.  

In fact, we’re developing more and more ways to approach energy management for our customers, including services like real-time monitoring, where analysts take data insights and turn them into energy-saving initiatives, and technicians can respond immediately to any issues.  

Whatever the approach, our goal is to help customers create sustainable places, where we cut costs and emissions in equal measure. And we’re confident that, with the right energy and focus, we can achieve it. 

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