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ISS is about to take the services of Mikonkatu 7 to a new level. Owned by Ilmarinen, Finland’s largest pension insurance company, Mikonkatu 7 is undergoing a building renovation and complete service transformation. At the heart of the operation is a restaurant, which will become a meeting place for both property users and those moving around in Helsinki's city center.  

In a recent interview with Talouselämä, Finland's main financial media, Mayor Jan Vapaavuori expressed his hope for more investment in keeping Helsinki’s city center alive. One such investment is currently underway, right in the heart of the city at Mikonkatu 7. The renovation and expansion of the Ilmarinen-owned property will bring nearly 6,000 square meters of office space and 2,000 square meters of retail space to the corner of Mikonkatu and Yliopistonkatu.

“The six-story building, completed in 1910, is now being renovated into a more open and sophisticated value property. A spectacular entrance to the offices will be made on the lively street corner, and there will be a four-story glass-roofed atrium in the courtyard. The new windows of the corner tower offer an impressive view in the direction of the Ateneum Art Museum and Rautatientori,” describes Ville Laurila, Ilmarinen's rental manager.

The facilities will be commissioned in September 2021. In addition to the central location and quality setting, those working in the house will also be able to enjoy an exceptionally wide range of services. In addition to the restaurant, lobby services and meeting facilities, tenants are offered cleaning, laundry, security and secretarial services, telephone exchanges, delivery of food bags, mailing and package reception, green plant care, space change projects and an event service. ISS will manage all house services.

“We want to create an environment where work and visits are made as smooth as possible. It works best when there are a lot of services,” Laurila says.

“Everyday life is easier and smoother for both the owners and tenants of the house when one party is responsible for all the services of the property,” adds Kimmo Kaunisvaara, Sales Director of ISS. 

Everyday life is easier and smoother for both the owners and tenants of the house when one party is responsible for all the services of the property.

Kimmo Kaunisvaara, Sales Director of ISS

Part of a living city - also in the evenings and on weekends

The collaboration between Laurila and Kaunisvaara began in the restaurant.

“ISS is one of the largest suppliers of restaurant services in Finland, although not everyone knows it yet. So we first went to see our restaurants, and based on that, we started discussing cooperation opportunities at Mikonkatu 7, which Ilmarinen is developing into a new seven-star entity,” Kaunisvaara says.

Both sides agree that good service must be part of the DNA of a property and that a restaurant in the city center must be open to everyone.

“On weekdays, the restaurant serves quality, locally sourced food at a lunch voucher price. In addition, there will be a deli, salad and a la carte option for lunch. The restaurant is also open in the evenings and on weekends, when it serves the Ateneum’s and the National Theater’s guests, as well as other customers in the heart of Helsinki. We can open up opportunities for small producers to offer their products for sale,” Laurila plans.

ISS will handle the tendering for the kitchen on behalf of Ilmarinen, and the restaurant hall and conference center will be planned together. According to Laurila, the conference center will be made the most modern and finest in the city.

People make a good service experience

Mikonkatu 7 wants to stand out with its service, ensuring people have a good service experience above all else. Although there is still time before Mikonkatu 7 opens, Ilmarinen and ISS have already planned the customers’ service path together - how to get to the property, where people and customer service representatives meet and how the service phases progress. People are also at the center of real estate marketing.

“A cozy and high-quality impression is created as soon as you enter, and in doing that we need not only the space to be inviting but we also, and most importantly, need great service people. A well-behaved, language-skilled and friendly customer service representative creates the right first impression, which is complemented by the physical nature of the space. For example, we do not want our service personnel to look like guards or conscripts, but their suit codes also come from the business world,” Laurila describes.

Obviously, the place matters too. Laurila also points out that although there are a lot of business and office spaces in the heart of Helsinki, no new alternatives have been built in the recent years – meaning very few have comprehensively taken into account the requirements of the modern office user.

“In the heart of Helsinki, all the buildings were originally made for something completely different than modern office work. That is why we have high expectations for both the Mikonkatu 7 property and the service package.”

According to Kaunisvaara, the starting point in the Mikonkatu 7 service package is the strong partnership and a shared goal.

“We both have the same goal: that the house is fully rented and that the tenants remain satisfied.” 

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