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BLOG | JUNE 2023

Video Feature: How We Navigate the Evolving Workplace

How we work has shifted dramatically in recent years. In this video feature, ISS leaders discuss the role of the workplace and how we can understand its evolution going forward.

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed dramatic shifts in the concept of the workplace. As a result, leaders across industries still struggle to find the right combination of flexibility, space, and connection for their people. While no one can predict how the dust will settle, two things are certain: the workplace is more fluid than it was before the pandemic and many organizations are unprepared for the changes needed to accommodate a new normal. 


To navigate this changing environment effectively, organizations must seek workplace solutions that strengthen culture while also balancing business objectives and the needs of employees, as well as facility solutions that ensure safe, functional, and sustainable spaces.


As part of TBD Media’s Innovation and Disruption Leaders campaign, hosted on CBSNews.com, ISS leaders Agostino Renna, Michael Hinz, Ulla Riber, and Alice Fournier discuss how the company taps its technical, workplace, food, and cleaning services to connect people and places to make the world work better.