BLOG | July 2023

Podcast Feature: The Increasingly Intelligent Workplace

Alice Fournier, Chief Information Officer for ISS Americas, joins The Agile Brand podcast to discuss AI’s growing role in how we work.

Artificial intelligence remains an important topic of discussion with massive implications for the future of the business world. As the technology continues to grow, its increasing sophistication and application has the potential to transform how we work.


Alice Fournier, Chief Information Officer for ISS Americas, joins Greg Kihlstrom on The Agile Brand podcast to talk about AI’s impact on the workplace, how to manage and secure vast amounts of data, and her upcoming presentation with ISS Americas CMO Courtney Olson at Ai4, a leading artificial intelligence conference.


I think AI has the power to augment roles and functions—but no matter where you are in an organization, you must understand how technology plays a part in your job. I’m certain that in five years’ time, a lot of folks will be able to understand how AI comes in and augments their role. For example, a lot of people work with massive datasets and AI will be able to accelerate their decision making and enhance what they do. Technology is a people business. It’s always, in the end, about people.


Listen to the podcast here.