Our Senses Shape the Airport Experience

Especially during the holiday travel season.


The holiday season offers an opportunity to spend time with loved ones and recharge for the coming year. But before relaxing with friends and family, nearly half of consumers say they plan to travel for the holidays in 2022. With air travel expected to return to pre-pandemic levels, poor airport experiences increase traveler tension and reduce interactions with shops, restaurants, and other available amenities.

45% say they would rather file their taxes than deal with the stress of air travel.

The sensory experience of airports plays a major role in shaping visitor satisfaction. Through conscious efforts to create a healthier and more pleasant atmosphere, holiday travelers arrive at their destinations happier and under less pressure. 



Untidy terminals with low light decrease comfort during an already-stressful travel situation. Natural light is a proven way to reduce tension — clean surroundings and windows allowing for maximum sunlight help calm passengers as they navigate the airport and prepare to board.



More than 100 million passengers will pass through U.S. airports this season, each generating around one pound of trash. As a result, prompt waste removal and thorough cleaning services are crucial for eliminating odors and keeping high-traffic areas sanitary.



Elevated stress levels make people more sensitive to the temperature of their surroundings. As more travelers fill airport terminals this year, reliable HVAC systems are key to keeping them comfortable and relaxed while waiting for their flights.



Satisfied travelers are twice as likely to visit airport shops and restaurants, and 33% who have regular positive experiences report arriving earlier and spending more money in the terminal. Clean, comfortable environments with helpful staff and impactful service delivery influence the overall quality of air travel.

ISS helps shape the airport experience

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