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BLOG | MAY 2023

Podcast Feature: How to Foster Belonging in a Hybrid Workspace

Alice Fournier, CIO of ISS Americas, joins the Cruising Altitude podcast to discuss how organizations can foster opportunity, equity, and belonging in a hybrid workspace.


Cultivating a sense of belonging at work is no simple task, and leaders often struggle to find the ideal combination of factors to best support their team. With hybrid work becoming a mainstay of corporate life, expanding connection and engagement is a must to develop an environment employees find both productive and inviting.

Alice Fournier, CIO of ISS Americas, joined the Cruising Altitude podcast to discuss the hybrid workplace, the importance of experience, and how a sense of belonging can help employers keep their best people.


“In a company where you can be you, you can be yourself, you can feel that you belong… These things are profoundly important in the employee experience. We’ve all had times in our careers where we didn’t feel that way, and that really impacts the way we perform, the way we engage with each other, and the way we serve customers.