ISS and Tent partnership sees over 1,000 refugees hired since 2022

ISS is committed to providing refugees with job opportunities to help them to integrate into their new communities. As part of our partnership with Tent, we have already hired 1,000 refugees since 2022 and will hire at least 2,000 across North America and Europe by the end of next year. 


ISS has hired over 1,000 refugees for the business since beginning our partnership with Tent in 2022. We remain on track to reach our goals of employing at least 2,000 refugees across our North American and European operations by the end of 2025.

The progress so far highlights ISS’ continued commitment to providing equal access to opportunities for under-represented and households from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Tent, a non-profit company that started in 2016, connects refugees with work opportunities in their new locations and now partners with over 400 businesses including ISS. Refugees are not only given job opportunities but also training and mentoring to integrate them into their communities. 

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We believe that as an organisation that for nearly 125 years has been helping people on their path to find work, we have a critical role to play in helping refugees to find sustainable work. It helps them to integrate into communities and find some comfort, care and safety.

Margot Slattery, Head of Group Diversity & Inclusion

Margot Slattery, Head of Group Diversity & Inclusion at ISS, says we hope to continue working with Tent for the long haul.

“This has been a great Partnership for ISS on so many fronts. It helps us provide work and have access to a great workforce but deeper than that we are taking part in something that is helping people so terrible in need at a pivotal time in their lives. We find Working with Tent is easy and the team is so willing to listen and help and to assist us as we need, this is a long term partnership for us at ISS.”

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