First Nations Australians supported with job opportunities


ISS Australia recently worked with recruitment company Indigeco, which focuses on providing opportunities to First Nations Australians or disadvantaged people. Our partnership enabled the training of 10 placemakers to clean a facility for a government schools client in New South Wales. 

Local communities provide the foundation of our society and we want to support them as much as possible through regional and local collaborations. One example of this is that ISS Australia has recently worked with Indigeco, an Indigenous recruitment company in Australia.

Indigeco focuses on providing job opportunities for First Nations Australians or disadvantaged people in order to develop communities. Our work with them enables us to train ISS placemakers to complete a cleaning service for a government schools client on the north coast of New South Wales.

As part of the partnership, ISS Australia and Indigeco staff provided a two-day training course to 10 placemakers on how to provide our best-practice cleaning service. The training equips them to not only clean the facility for the government schools client but also any government site.

One of the placemakers said “The whole process felt that the employers [Indigeco and ISS] took a lot of time out to ensure we were looked after.”

The team achieved optimal satisfaction from the client and we’re looking forward to more collaboration with Indigeco in the future.

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