Integrated facility services

Growing efficiency and delivering consistent service quality 

Modern workplaces serve as strategic tools for improved performance, fostering company culture, and attracting, motivating, and retaining talent. Integrated Facility Services, enable our customers to reach those strategic objectives with enhanced efficiency, performance, service quality and cost efficiency.

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We excel in your no-core activities.  

Working with us, everything starts with your needs. Your need to increase productivity. Your need to turn fixed cost into flexible. Your need to empower your people. Your need to mitigate risk. And your need to focus on your core business. Integrated Facility Services is the operational model that can bring all this seamlessly to life.  


Self-delivery through People who care

ISS stands out for one simple reason – we manage all your services through our own dedicated and engaged employees. By avoiding external outsourcing, we gain better control over service quality, enhance efficiency, and maintain top-notch service standards in your workplace.


Cost Leadership

An integrated approach to facility services, secures stronger cost leadership through supply chain consolidation, enhanced operational efficiency and scale compared to single or multi-service models. All supported by our integrated and cutting-edge workplace technologies.

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Increased service quality

Our commitment to consistent service quality is achieved through our unique self-delivery model, tightly aligned with meticulous operational process frameworks. This strategic synergy ensures uniform excellence across all service lines and precise control over the quality of our service delivery.


Reduced Risk

In response to the growing need for robust risk management, we adeptly navigate and mitigate risks daily for our customers. With over 120 years of experience and solid operational frameworks, we ensure comprehensive and integrated risk management across all service lines.


Innovative solutions

Our Integrated Facility Service products are built on leading technology platforms, allowing us to optimise operational, financial and sustainability performance. Paired with advanced data analytics and smart building technologies, we can harnesses intelligence across various service lines and workplaces.

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"We partner with our clients on workplace, on technology, on cleaning, on food—and in all of those areas, we bring the expertise.” 

Global Account Director Claire Harman explains how ISS meets the high expectations of its global clients by harmonising local and global standards to provide great workplace experiences - and empowering its placemakers to deliver "real improvements"

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