The journey to sustainability


Siobhan Riordan - Head of Sustainability, explains that everyone - from the cleaner to the CEO - has a part to play in a more sustainable future

Siobhan has been with ISS for 5 years and was promoted into the position of Head of Sustainability in August 2020.   Siobhan’s role is to help ISS clients to navigate the path towards a clear and measurable Sustainability commitment.

Siobhan explains that there is a lot of work to with clients before they can start to define their sustainability targets. 

Siobhan and her team must first work alongside the client to understand current state of play.  “How do they compare to their competitors and what are their ambitions?”  

Siobhan continues “Once this has been agreed, we can start to talk about what their journey towards a more sustainable future should look like including an indication around costs and methodology before finally being able to move towards publishing a commitment and actioning the solution”.

Siobhan is excited about the future. “Sustainability should be something that everyone sees and does. I love being able to talk to everyone from the COO to the cleaner and give the same message and help them work towards the same commitment.  We are all travelling in the same direction- everyone can play a part”.  


The clients we are working with are really varied and there
are lots of opportunities for growth too.

It’s great to have this sort of impact in my day-to-day job. Sustainability is starting to infiltrate all business decisions and it’s exciting to be a part of this.

Siobhan Riordan, Head of Sustainability, ISS UK