Career opportunities for ex-military communities


With the award-winning JointForces@ISS programme, service leavers and their spouses transition to the civilian workplace seamlessly and successfully, with support specially curated for the needs of the military community. Discover careers that bring your skills in problem-solving and leadership to the forefront and receive the support of a growing ex-military community at ISS.


Supporting our servicepeople

With over 350,000 Placemakers and over 30 locations worldwide, ISS is one of the world’s largest facilities management employers and a recognised supporter of ex-military employment.

Awarded Gold in the MoD’s Employer Recognition Scheme and winner of the IWFM’s Social Value 2021 award, the JointForces@ISS programme has supported military service leavers, veterans and spouses in their transition to the civilian workplace since 2017 - with support networks made for and shared by armed forces alumni.

JointForces@ISS not only simplifies the transition, but introduces ex-military to an industry where their technical, problem-solving and team-building skills can prosper. With our support, the military community finds long-term career fulfilment, meet like-minded members of the service community and find extended support for their families and spouses.


An industry for aptitude

Our industry supports a spectrum of specialist roles, serves a broad range of industries and allows those in the military community to prosper through their unique operational skills. From technology to teambuilding, management to maintenance, logistics to leadership, JointForces@ISS provides plenty of opportunities for those that have served to shine.

  • Work in proactive environments, managing services and mitigating business risks; or provide reactive support for fast-moving industry clients and events.
  • See large-scale projects brought to completion via your skills in planning, analysis and data gathering.
  • Make a difference for other people who have served via internal support networks and our Armed Forces ERG – improving the transition to civilian work for the entire military community.
  • Work with transferrable skills. Find a natural fit for your skills as an ex-service personnel, leveraging character traits such as adaptability, resilience, and a high level of organisational aptitude.

JointFoces@ISS Married Embrace

For our clients

The JointForces@ISS programme is a support platform for military service leavers, veterans and spouses, designed to support the transition to civilian working from CV reviews to full internships, career paths and industry opportunities. Recognised Gold Standard by the MoD’s Employer Recognition Scheme and signed as part of the Armed Forces Covenant, JointForces@ISS is centralised in the UK and governed by the JointForces@ISS management team. This initiative works with our clients and suppliers to aid those with military backgrounds into careers that suit their needs, benefit your organisation and provide rewarding outcomes for both you and our ex-military members. 

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