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ISS UK Holding Ltd5545311Velocity 1
ISS UK Limited463951Velocity 1
ISS Facility Services Limited890885Velocity 1
ISS Mediclean Limited1659837Velocity 1
ISS Damage Control Limited4143834Velocity 1
Spectrum Franchising Limited2130421Velocity 1
ISS Technical Services Holdings Ltd00358239Velocity 1
ISS Technical Solutions Ltd04130880Velocity 1
ISS Technical Services Corporate Solutions Ltd08522582Velocity 1
ISS Technical Services Accounts Ltd08526410Velocity 1
ISS Technical Services UK Ltd04207721Velocity 1
ISS Technical Services NI LtdNI040937Velocity 1
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ISS UK Pension scheme

The ISS Pension scheme (known as the ISS UK 2016 Pension scheme) provides employees with an efficient way to save for their future. 

Following a change in regulations, ISS are pleased to make available the Chair's statement on Defined Contribution governance and the Statement of investment principles. 

These explain how the ISS UK 2016 Pension scheme is meeting the governance standards that apply to all occupational pension schemes that provide Defined Contribution (or Money Purchase) benefits as well as outlining the principles governing the investment policy of the scheme and the activities undertaken by the Trustee to ensure the effective implication of these principles.

ISS UK 2016 Pension scheme

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