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Delivering services fit for a (future) King

Silvia Robu

Starting as a ward cleaner to her current Account Manager role, via a Royal birth, Silvia Robu's 14 year career has been quite a journey!


From Ward Cleaner to Catering Supervisor 

Silvia’s career with ISS started in 2008 as a Ward Cleaner at St. Mary’s Hospital, London. Though nervous at first, with support Silvia was keen to learn more and soon started to shine. She transferred to the catering department to be a ward hostess which provided her with a great satisfaction and opportunities to advance. Silvia felt especially useful helping patients who were vulnerable and needed more support and she soon progressed to catering supervisor position where for three years she learnt more about all the business and the management aspects involved.  


Delivering services fit for a (future) King

Supported by great people who helped and inspired her to grow in her leadership Silvia took on a manager position looking after Private patients. Recognising her leadership and the difference she and her team made to patients every day, Silvia was contacted by the Head of Midwifery who asked if ISS could provide soft services during Prince George’s Royal birth. This was a privilege for Silvia and the team who were extremely proud to have contributed to this historic event. 

ISS is a company that invests in people from all different levels of society and sees their potential.
What a journey I’ve had! A journey that helped me to
progress over 13 years of hard work, commitment and dedication, and become the
manager I am today.

Silvia Robu, Key Account Manager, ISS Healthcare

specialising and Winning

Helping to secure a contract extension 

Keen to expand her experience, Silvia accepted an opportunity to move to a specialist hospital, the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital to initially manage the cleaning and catering departments, before reaching the position of a Key Account Manager where she manages a team of 220 colleagues. Silvia recently played a key role in securing a seven-year contract extension.