A data drive towards net zero


Perran Cothey joined ISS as an Energy Manager in 2014. He now applies his passion for data to support energy optimisation projects that deliver ISS and client sustainability goals.

Perran summarises his role as “finding out how our clients use energy and then helping them to be more efficient.”  

“We typically use a 5-year optimisation model with a savings plan.  Our technology platform means we can really take things to the next level for our clients by really making their buildings perform for them which also contributes to their sustainability goals. In a nutshell we need to make sure our clients buy energy at the right price, only pay for what they are using and use as little as possible”. 

Perran has always had a passion for working with data.  “it’s part of the job I really enjoy.  The data speaks for itself showing where our clients can make improvements.  The data gives us a platform from which to have conversations with our clients.  Sometimes it’s about a simple system implementation whereas other times we really have to go on a journey with the client to help them to interpret and understand the data and the impact of the changes we can make.”

Perran is looking forward to the future and is excited by the prospect of starting to operate in his role across larger estates.  “We also work closely with the global group and it’s fascinating to get that global exposure.” 


It’s particularly pleasing ISS are working towards
net zero themselves.
It’s great that we are leading the way for our clients in
this space.

Perran Cothey, Energy Manager, ISS UK