The benefits of outsourcing technical services

A multinational corporation wanted a well-trained and managed technical team that could provide an efficient and proactive maintenance solution for their US locations. By replacing the existing in-house maintenance team and other outsourced vendors, this new partner would reduce costs and increase efficiency. Here’s how outsourcing with ISS brought value already in the first year.



ISS maintenance technicians on call



ISS self-delivery of in-scope services



reduction in number of vendors



cost savings after 5 months



projected annualized cost savings

A multinational corporation with approximately 15,500 employees serves over 120 countries.

The knowledge-based company is focused on innovative packaging solutions that offer a safer and less wasteful food supply chain approach while protecting valuable goods that are shipped around the world. The customer has a proven history of innovation that has continuously driven change and will set new industry standards for decades to come. Efficient technical services are key to ensuring their operations run smoothly.  

By outsourcing their technical services to ISS, we were able to: 

  1. Replace the outsourced hoist and crane repair company that was outside our scope of work. 
  2. Provide better response times and savings of $125,000 on a $500,000 contract.  
  3. Increase the ISS scope on all maintenance services to provide a comprehensive range of services: 
    • HVAC 
    • Electrical 
    • SQF cleaning 
    • Mechanics 
    • Hoist and crane repair 
    • Buildings and grounds 
    • Painting 
    • Boilers 
    • Chillers 
    • Cooling towers 
  4. Implement several technology systems, such as FMS@ISS, our facility and workplace management system; iAuditor, an inspection app; and our Learning Management System, to properly train the team and offer ongoing educational opportunities. 

Through our technical services solution, we are now self-delivering all maintenance services that are within our scope of work. This excludes the maintenance and repair of older or outdated equipment. But we have also taken the responsibility of implementing and monitoring the plant’s life cycle to assist with capital projects to proactively maintain and replace equipment. 

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