Bringing Trust and Transparency to the Canteen Experience 

Customer satisfaction measurement is key to the work we do; we use annual as well as project-specific surveys to measure satisfaction, including real-time feedback tools such as HappyOrNot. This tool has been used recently for a global manufacturing company to measure satisfaction at their workplace restaurants around the world. 

Case Happy or not

Our solution consists of two main elements: HappyOrNot terminals and an easy to navigate app available to customers via their phone or computer using a unique QR code. The benefit of the QR code is that it ensures a touchless and convenient option since the onset of Covid-19. Both feature four faces depicting different moods for employees to rate their satisfaction levels, indicating how pleased they are with their experience. 

In mid-2020, 24 terminals were rolled out across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas to production sites and offices. By the end of 2020, more than 100,000 responses had been recorded. The latest figures from December 2020 recorded a Happy Index of 87% across the contract, from almost 20,000 responses with 89% providing positive feedback. 

Building trust and transparency  

Food is a hugely emotive area for our customers. What’s more, food experiences can be highly subjective – wherein what’s good in one person’s opinion is not in another’s.  With HappyOrNot, our food services teams are able to tap into the majority consensus and get real-time data on customer experiences. This is much more powerful than relying on hearsay and a small set of individual opinions – and allows us to demonstrate the impact of changes we have made to the service using the data from the terminals. As a result, we quickly build trust with our customers and demonstrate transparency on the decisions we have made in our food service provision. 

“Management now has a lot more insight into the satisfaction of their employees... This kind of transparency has helped us greatly with building trust.”

Tom Barter, Account Excellence Director at ISS.

“Management now has a lot more insight into the satisfaction of their employees across the board and can make informed decisions about potential quality of the offer or campaigns we engage with, such as our Health and Well-being programme. This kind of transparency has helped us greatly with building trust,” says Tom Barter, Account Excellence Director at ISS.

In addition to offering an opportunity to share suggestions for improvement, HappyOrNot also has had the added benefit of reminding canteen staff just how valuable the canteen experience can be to users. One user wrote: “They know me. They say hello, they remember yesterday and talk about tomorrow. It’s not work... It’s human.” At ISS, it’s not about making the experience robotic. Quite the opposite. It’s about making it more human.