ISS Singapore joins forces with KTPH to care for Covid-19 patients 

At the peak of the pandemic in 2020, ISS worked with local hospitals to care for migrant workers infected with Covid-19. Supporting the valiant and extensive efforts at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) was Wayne Fang’s M&E team. 

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A joint responsibility  

When Covid-19 hit Singapore in January 2020, ISS was quick to jump on board and join efforts with our client KTPH, one of the country’s major hospitals. Wayne, Senior Facility Manager at ISS since 2019, led the support efforts, ensuring the daily operations of the hospital’s facilities ran smoothly and efficiently.  

Whilst being a relatively new member of the ISS family, Wayne boasts a long track record in the facility management industry – a meaningful career he loves, as it allows him to contribute his valuable services to customers and the community.  

“One of our core values at ISS is responsibility,” says Wayne. “We share the responsibility with our client to provide the best healthcare services we can – even during the challenging pandemic period.” 

During Covid-19, their responsibilities were vast and ever-growing. As part of a national effort, Wayne and his team helped translate signages from English to Bengali and Tamil. They also guided the Food Services Team to prepare diets, procured telephone call cards, and acted as interpreters for migrant workers. 

Our priority was to provide the best support we could – for both our client and the hospital’s patients.

Wayne Fang, Senior Facility Manager
Memorably, they extended the A&E department with tentage overnight, increasing the capacity to cater for more than 300 patients. On top of this, the ISS team helped to retrofit all tentages to house and treat a continuous stream of Covid-19 patients. The speed of execution impressed the frontline healthcare practitioners and hospital management team, giving them the much-needed confidence to continue delivering quality care to the patients around the clock.

“Our priority was to provide the best support we could – for both our client and the hospital’s patients. Whenever there was a spike in the number of cases, we were there to help.”
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Wayne 也與在醫院現場服務的其他 ISS 設施經理一樣,努力提振團隊的士氣。 在疫情早期階段他就以身作則,協助團隊成員克服恐懼,並陪伴他們一同在新冠肺炎確診患者的病房中進行維護工作。  

在整個疫情期間,他也獲得 ISS 管理團隊包括 Park Tuck Weng 先生和 Joe Giani 先生的支持。 他們定期拜訪員工以檢查他們的身心狀況,並與員工進行對話以協助他們面對壓力。 

之後新加坡的疫情穩定下來,而且自 2021 年 1 月起,每日新冠肺炎確診病例降至低兩位數的水準。 但是 Wayne 和他經驗豐富的團隊仍努力不懈,時時保持警戒。 所有人都謹慎防止確診病例再次上升。 

「希望我們的努力能讓大眾更加瞭解並認真落實新冠肺炎預防措施。 我們與所有人民都站在同一條船上, 並攜手解決問題。」他說。  

為了表揚 ISS 的努力,ISS 榮獲 KTPH 提名接受「2020 年總統志工與慈善獎」(President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards 2020),此榮譽由新加坡共和國總統授予對社區有傑出貢獻的個人、組織和領導者。  

「我們確實必須超越自我,並克服自身的恐懼。」Wayne 表示。 「我們的團隊一直都以『能做』和『會做』的積極態度面對我們在此期間遇到的許多挑戰,我對此感到驕傲。」


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