Fuelling the frontrunners of tech

The tech world moves fast. We’re here to move with you – creating great workplace experiences that fuel productivity and help you attract and retain top talent. Through decades of partnering with start-ups and big tech, our people know what it takes to make your place of work the place to be.



of the top 5 global tech companies

Bright minds, better business

Working together side by side, we’ll unlock the true value of your business – empowering the use of new technologies, reducing costs and crafting memorable workplace experiences.

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Create better workplace experiences

Our people are personally dedicated to making your workplace both inspiring and innovative – fuelling collaboration, engaging employees and attracting top talent.

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Leading in hygiene, safety and training

With focus on your well-being, productivity and performance, we follow – and set – industry standards in hygiene, food safety and employee development to ensure your people feel connected to your places.

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Facilitating a culture of change

Our experts in business intelligence and smart buildings will work with you to create a flexible, dynamic workplace that supports digital transformation – including the use of IoT, real-time performance monitoring and more.

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Services as and where they are needed, even in extraordinary times

With 90% of Outotec’s employees working remotely, we agilely scaled services to ensure that they met the needs of the new situation and that end users experienced a smooth transition – from at-home food delivery to adjusted energy management for buildings.

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Making places that innovate and inspire

We make your place work for you. We offer a complete package of services tailored to your needs and delivered by people who care, making your place smoother, smarter and more attractive than ever to build a high-performance and collaborative culture.

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