Protecting national interests and people who serve

At ISS, we take pride in our rich legacy of service dedicated to supporting our global allied Defence capability. Our facilities management solutions are designed to meet the needs of our partners’ Defence estate infrastructure. Our established reputation for reliability and expertise is backed by extensive experience serving the Defence sector across multiple sites worldwide. 

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We provide fully integrated facilities management services to hundreds of bases globally. From technical services to food, and cleaning to workplace solutions, our service provision meets the unique needs of modern Defence forces and navigates their specialised operating environments. We’re more than just a service provider. At the heart of where we operate, we’re the intersection where community thrives.

ISS Pacific is now committed to bringing our approach and experience to service the Defence sector in Australia.

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local capability

20+ years in the Pacific

With over 20 years of operational experience across the Pacific, spanning industries including banking, healthcare, energy and resources, and production, we have earned our reputation as a leading global facilities management provider with an established local presence. Our steadfast national service coverage is delivered by a team of over 12,000 dedicated Placemakers with specialised sector expertise, and ensures that we consistently meet our customers’ individual requirements.

Unlocking global solutions to deliver local excellence

ISS has operated in the global Defence sector since 2010. ISS' GLOBAL SERVICE DELIVERY includes:


meals served every day at sites worldwide


cleaners service over 1.5 billion square feet of real estate globally


years of workplace data and insights


of top 5 global tech firms use our FM solutions


of the world's 30 largest banks work with us



Connecting people and places

We fundamentally believe that people make places and places make people. From strategic planning to day-to-day operations, our customers choose us to create, manage and maintain environments that go beyond the functional.

With a dedicated team of skilled and motivated Placemakers, we work to deliver the highest standards at every customer facility. We manage surge situations, employ agile work approaches and innovate to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our commitment to ensuring safety, security and comfort means that every space we touch makes life easier, more productive and enjoyable.

Social impact

Our dedication to social impact is a driving force within ISS. Leveraging our strong corporate responsibility framework we partner with socially responsible enterprises and support values-based initiatives.

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Building Community

We focus on fostering social connection to cultivate inclusive communities where everyone is actively engaged and involved. We go beyond protecting and maintaining places. We’re dedicated to nurturing these environments, to enhance the wellbeing of our customers’ within each community, whether they’re our employees, village residents, airline passengers or hospital patients. Our curated solutions and personalised services shape spaces that not only function effectively but also enrich the shared experience.

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Supporting Sustainable Procurement

We adopt a holistic approach to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suppliers and enhancing economic and social outcomes. ISS is an active member of Supply Nation and Kinaway Chamber of Commerce, collaborating with First Nations-owned and Supply Nation-certified businesses for services, equipment and local industry solutions. To date, our spend has exceeded $13 million across the Pacific. If you're a veteran-owned business and interested in working with us, click on the link below.

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Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to creating a more sustainable future extends to minimising our environmental footprint. By collaborating closely with our customers, we help them do the same, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations. From lowering energy and water consumption to cutting waste production, including food waste, what sets us apart is our unique approach, blending data, insight and service excellence. Our pledge is to reduce Scopes 1 and 2 net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

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veteran support

Building veteran pathways

We recognise and value the skills and experiences of veterans and their families. In partnering with organisations such as Soldier On, we’re committed to being the employer of choice for the Defence community, offering support from recruitment to retention. 

We actively engage and support individuals transitioning from military to civilian employment, highlighting their unique skills in leadership, strategic thinking, resilience and teamwork to benefit a career in facilities management. 

Our Employee Resource Group provides a vital network for those who have served. Through mentorship, advocacy and community engagement, we ensure veterans have the resources and connections they need to thrive in the workplace and beyond. Our tailored program values these military skills and we’re proud to mentor and employ veterans and their families to support their success.

“Being part of the growing ISS Defence community is a great source of pride. I look forward to collaboratively shaping and supporting meaningful veteran awareness, engagement and employment initiatives.”

Phil Brezzo, ISS Segment Director, Transport & Infrastructure. Following 15 years in the Australian Army, Phil held senior Australian Border Force roles.

Career opportunities

ISS Careers

We’re here to support your transition into the private sector and can offer meaningful career opportunities, flexibility and a supportive community that values your contribution. Our opportunities are available nationally so, no matter where you are, you can be part of our team.

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Supporting success

ISS has supported this landmark military headquarters in the Netherlands from the start, consistently delivering reliable, integrated soft services across office, catering and accommodation settings on the 19-hectare Defence estate, in Utrecht.  

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