Places that educate with people who think, care and give

While we are not experts in teaching, we have a Master's Degree in creating optimal environments for students and staff to thrive. We know a lot about what matters to customers in this sector and how to run an optimal education facility. From ensuring clean and welcoming classrooms and student accommodations, through to delighting with amazing Food & Beverage offerings at cafes - we are dedicated to enhancing the student experience and making stronger connections to their place of learning.      



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Brand Protection, Attracting Students and creating a Better Place to Learn

In the Education sector, competition is greater than ever before and the stakes are high. The need to uphold an institution’s reputation has never been more important in order to attract students and be profitable. Education customers need to partner with trusted outsourcing providers that understand their challenges and work with them to create the best student environment possible. ISS is here to help.  We pride ourselves on protecting our customer's brand through service quality, ethical employment and safety. Moreover, ISS' services are focused on enhancing the student experience and we have won industry awards for our innovations that have improved facility outcomes. 

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Service Quality

Quality results are a guarantee

ISS deliver our services efficiently, dependably and consistently across our education sites. We use ‘Cleaning Excellence’ on all of our contracts for optimal work methods, tools, training and materials to deliver consistently high quality results. We have a dedicated Cleaning Excellence Team in the Pacific as wellas robust quality management and compliance systems, with technology for transparency and reporting. 


Brand Protection

Because your image and reputation is everything

ISS adopt a self-employment labor model that ensures a stable, inducted, trained and engaged workforce at our customer sites. We pride ourselves on our ethical employment practices and ensuring our staff are compliant with all relevant checks and clearances to help customer’s protect their valuable brand image.


People Who Care

A Student Experience Focus

As facility services providers the quality of our services and the behaviour of our teams can impact student life and contribute to the reputation of your institution. ISS has a thorough training program for all our service staff which focuses on providing 'Service With a Human Touch'. We also have an embedded touchpoints program, where we analyze the student journey, then apply innovation, technology and service improvements to make their experience better.

We Know Education

ISS has a large education portfolio in Australia, with university, TAFE and school customers. With this experience, we’ve learnt a lot about what matters to our education customers and how to respond to their needs. While no two education sites are the same, their need for transparency, consistency of process, flexibility and engaged staff are key priorities. Our services are focused on quality, safety, compliance - contributing to making the ultimate campus life delivered by people who care. 

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Creating clean, safe and welcoming spaces to learn

We clean your institution as if it were our own, with proven methods and quality results. Your staff and students will feel relaxed and productive in an environment that’s been made safe and hygienic.

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Accommodation and Housekeeping

The personal touch creates a 'Home Away from Home'

Living away from home for the first time is exciting – yet daunting! We know accommodation facilities play a huge part in the student life and we aim to make them as welcoming, clean and efficiently run as possible – managed by people who care.

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Food and Beverage

Delicious food in touch with campus life

Gen Z has been raised with premium food choices at their fingertips. Their expectations are high and ISS has the catering expertise to delight even the most discerning customer. We deliver café solutions in the Pacific education sector and leverage global knowledge as the fourth largest caterer in the world.