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Places that attract the best talent in Energy and Resources  

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Our Resources customers want a safe, happy and productive workforce– and that’s what we want too. As managers of multiple villages and townships across Australia, we are responsible for creating exceptional environments, which make resident’s lives relaxing, enjoyable and easier. We know this is a huge advantage for our customers to attract the best talent. It also ensures their workers are in the best physical and mental state to give their ‘all’ during their working day. At ISS, we’re driven to make our resources sites work better through quality, safety and innovation - and make a positive difference in people’s lives.


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Experts in the Modern Village Life  

We place your worker’s need at the heart of our solution, designing a service suited to today’s worker and their expectations. Recognising that the workforce of today is very different to 10 years ago, we engage residents and act on their feedback. With alignment to each client’s purpose, our dedicated Resources teams are focused on providing the best village life for residents, underpinned by a service focused on safety, consistency, compliance, transparency and efficiency.  


Safety is the Number 1 Focus - Always


Our performance is founded by best practice Health, Safety & Environmental performance. The safety of our own staff and residents has to be the Number 1 focus at all times. ISS has a no-compromise approach to safety with an excellent track-record in our sites, supporting a healthier, safer and more engaged workforce.

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People who care

Creating the Best Village Life

Applying modern, customer experience techniques via our Service With A Human Touch training ensures all residents have an unforgettable and positive experience. Our solution focuses on the ‘guest experience’ and creating personal, flexible and diverse community solutions, which will foster a sense of belonging and an inclusive community culture.

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A Trusted, Aspirational Partner

A Collaborative Approach

ISS is a trusted partner experienced in a high volume, high compliance environments. We are strategically focused on the Resources sector and customer’s benefit from our stability and singular focus on their needs. This focus, coupled with our size, volume and capacity, enables us to enact high impact service improvements aligned to our customer’s aspirations.

Improving each touchpoint in the Village Experience 

ISS entered the energy and resources sector in 2008. Since then, we have built an impressive portfolio in the mining industry, where we deliver services directly to our client’s non-process infrastructure within villages, at mine sites and in townships. ISS is dedicated to improving the lives of the mining workforce at each ‘touchpoint’ of their village experience: from when they arrive at the airport and receive seamless airport transfers and room check-ins, through to ensuring welcoming and hygienic accommodations and providing delicious, fresh and convenient food options.  We do it all – and we do it with people who care.

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Cleaning and Housekeeping

Creating clean and welcoming spaces

ISS understand that a clean, safe and hygienic environment helps to improve workplace productivity. For us, it’s not about who can clean a donga the fastest – it’s about doing it properly to keep residents safe and happy. 

ISS is known for our cleaning expertise across the globe. Across our Resources portfolio we maintain exceptional service standards that that enhanced the hygiene and presentation levels of facilities, providing a safe and clean environment for people to enjoy.  

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Good food that supports health, happiness and productivity

Our catering offer brings modern food, a service culture, lifestyle trends and professional standards to the mining population. The focus today is on fresh cook – cooked on the spot with local, fresh ingredients that meet the demands of discerning and diverse guests. It also involves new menus, new ways of presenting and plating food, and a new wow factor.

Our Vision has been informed by our own experience, and through our partnerships with our leading US based catering brand Guckenheimer for global workplace food trends and Unispace Design for implementation.
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Bar and Tavern

A time to unwind and enjoy life

The bar/tavern is a place for workers to wind down and ‘switch off’ after a hard day’s work. We know this is an important aspect of village life and it’s up to us to make it a great experience for them. As an experienced manager of wet mess and retail areas in remote villages, we know how to get the balance right between service and compliance with site regulations. ISS create a modern environment, deliver exceptional bar service and manage first-class entertainment - unparalleled in a remote location.       

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Lifestyle and Wellbeing

Making the most out of village life

To enhance the village environment, ISS provides licensed or accredited experts to supervise gymnasiums and pools, build sporting programs, give advice to residents and promote a healthy lifestyle. ISS also promote the Balance Resilience and Fatigue Management program for villages, designed to improve the wellbeing of FIFO and mining industry employees.



Ensuring a safety, operations and business continuity

An effective planned maintenance program will enhance the value of all property and setts within a remote township or village. ISS provide qualified personnel to care for customer buildings, facilities, plant & equipment performing planned an preventative maintenance. We deliver places that work, think and give – backed by technology and comprehensive FM management systems.