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A 25-year service partnership in Defence

ISS has supported this landmark military headquarters in the Netherlands from the start, consistently delivering reliable, integrated soft services across office, catering and accommodation settings on the 19-hectare Defence estate, in Utrecht.  

25-year contract

Start date: 2010

150 Placemakers

1 location 

Services provided: 

Cleaning (industrial/office) 
Window cleaning 
Green areas (indoor and outdoor) 
Waste management (collection of various waste streams) 
Pest control 
Sanitary facilities 
Work clothing (including cleaning) 
Personal protection equipment 
Printing – internal (repro) 
Printing – external 
Office supplies 
Internal and external removals 
Courier service 
Mail handling 
Service desk 
Technical services 
Emergency first responding services 
Kitchen maintenance / deep cleaning  

Establishing new ground 
Since 2011, Kromhout Barracks has been the headquarters for the Royal Netherlands Army (CLAS), the Command Services Centre (CDC) and several elements of the Defence Material Organisation (DMO) – one of the largest public-private partnerships of the Netherlands government. 

A new build at the time, the barracks accommodates over 3,000 employees with a ratio of approximately 80:20 civilian to military personnel. Spanning three areas, the office buildings are located in the Strip, where the Royal Netherlands Army and other Defence departments are based. The Field houses accommodation, sports and conference facilities, a restaurant and underground car parking. The Wedge is a lawn- and tree-filled corridor connecting the two sites. 

Intuitive service 
From 2010, ISS has been contracted to the Defence estate, as part of the Komfort consortium, to deliver integrated soft services across the barracks. This service delivery model supports Defence operations during day-to-day activities, and in response to emergencies. The first 2,000 Defence employees had already moved into the barracks by the end of 2010.  

Continuous development 
Today, over 150 ISS Placemakers provide a diverse range of integrated services, including workplace services for 3,500 workstations across 80,000 square meters of office space. They also deliver hotel services for 200 accommodation rooms covering a total of 190,000 square meters.  

Cleaning, catering, reception and security are among key service deliverables. For example, ISS provides over 1,500 meals a day to guests and employees, at the onsite restaurant. The restaurant is also proudly plastic-free, following an innovative sustainability drive in waste reduction.  

As this long-term partnership progresses, we are proud to serve people and places in Defence and to support Defence capability each and every day. 

A sustainable catering solution

In 2022, at Kromhout Barracks, ISS Facility Services established the first plastic-free company restaurant in the Netherlands with Operation 100% Plastic-free. Watch the video to find more about the innovative sustainable practices used in this project.