How ISS and Indigeco partner to build Indigenous workforce opportunities

Learn how we support our government schools client on the NSW north coast through collaboration with Indigenous recruitment specialist Indigeco.

Indigeco Placemaker onboarding PNSW North Coast 2024

Meet the ISS–Indigeco North Coast team – we are onboarded, ready, willing and able! 
Image (L-R) includes: Allan (EGM Indigeco), Indie, Sarah, Damisia, Justin, Ariel and Andrew from ISS 

Together, ISS and service partner Indigeco recently onboarded a team of Placemakers to support cleaning services to our government schools client on the NSW north coast.

Inclusive workforce development
As a Supply Nation-certified Indigenous business, Indigeco’s recruitment process focuses on supporting meaningful Indigenous workforce employment in the corporate business sector. The organisation’s recruitment and labour hire pathways drive positive change for First Nations Peoples and help develop job opportunities for local communities.

This partnership also actively promotes the goals of both our client and ISS by providing inclusive workplace development and building local workforce opportunities which feed back into surrounding communities.

Onboarding process
For this onboarding process, a team of 10 Placemakers joined a two-day training program with Indigeco and ISS staff. Led by certified ISS training staff including Melissa and Andrew, they covered the compliance and practical elements required to deliver ISS best-practice cleaning services within a school environment.

Indigeco-ISS Placemakers PNSW North Coast_2024 

I found the onboarding session very detailed, thorough and was delivered by experienced personnel,” onboarded Placemaker.

Following hygiene, safety and sustainability procedures are critical in delivering gold-standard cleaning services to all our clients. This means that all screening and cleaning tasks are under the microscope when it comes to onsite training and delivering service excellence.

This is a reciprocal process, which delivers onsite skills training and certification to Placemakers, who are all vetted to work in any government site. Transferrable skills, experience and recognition that can support career progression in the workplace, as well as socially inclusive teamwork.

“The whole process felt that the employers (Indigeco and ISS) took a lot of time out to ensure we were looked after,” onboarded Placemaker.

Next steps
The training outcome for this project resulted in smooth shift allocation and excellent service delivery to ensure optimal client satisfaction. Thanks to collaborative work with Indigeco, and their highly effective staff provision, ISS looks forward to exploring further partnership opportunities with the recruitment partner, to sustainably support our clients’ workforce requirements.

Indigeco ISS Placemakers PNSW North Coast_2024 

Image: Justin going about his onboarding session with enthusiasm and purpose


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