Making your place work better for you 

Create safe, productive environments and ensure your assets function optimally throughout their lifecycle. From building services to energy management, our technical and engineering teams meet your specific business and operational needs, offering strategic insights and tactical know-how on risk, efficiency and innovation.  


Your partner in making places that work, think and give 

Well-maintained workplaces provide the optimal conditions for productivity, safety and strengthening your reputation with visitors – all while making it an attractive place to work. We combine local delivery and understanding with global coverage and consistency. Our technical experts will manage your portfolio and assets as well as continually look at ways to add value and minimise your risks and costs. 

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Keep your people and property productive

A safe and productive environment can help teams reach peak focus and ensure 100% uptime by reducing the risk of malfunctions, errors or accidents.


Help patients heal

Our trained personnel are personally invested in helping your patients on their road to recovery, ensuring 100% uptime for critical systems and creating places safe for patients and staff alike.


Enrich the travelling experience

An appealing airport environment with well-maintained, efficient facilities keeps travellers happy and customers coming back for more, while improving flow and providing optimal conditions for work.


Bring your buildings to life 

Our teams of on-site and mobile engineering specialists and technical experts provide operational delivery, maintenance and services management as well as specialised solutions tailored to your needs. With experience spanning all segments of industry, our engineers bring your buildings to life, shaping welcoming, safe and well-maintained places – today and tomorrow.

Energy management 

We employ new technologies and intelligent solutions to help you take business sustainability to the next level, ensuring we maintain conformance to local laws and support your strategy. Together, we can increase efficiency while reducing your energy, water and carbon footprint.  

Asset management 

With a global network of asset management experts, we align delivery, risk and business requirements across your real estate portfolio. Through accurate asset lifecycle tracking and data, we’ll help you get the most value out of your assets while creating a safe, well-working place for your employees and customers.  

Capital projects

With insights into infrastructure data and lifecycle management combined with our comprehensive understanding of the workplace, we can manage all your building investments. We cover installation, management and replacement to support long-term operational delivery, aligning to your strategic needs – from small upgrades to major refurbishments.  

Building structure and fabric

Our work begins with understanding your needs throughcomplex life management and mechanical & electrical infrastructure assessmentsOur technicians are specifically trained in unique, varied construction requirements and processessupporting all building fabric maintenance and remedial activities and addressing specific Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements.

Critical environments

Minimise disruptions and maintain uptime. From mission-critical planning to change management requirements, we offer a standardised approach to critical environments that ensures reliability and consistency, while adapting our processes to your specific needs, environments and future investment needs.

Property maintenance

From landscaping to road and park maintenance, we’ll help you keep your property in tip-top condition so that it is looking and operating at its best 24/7, 365 days a year – from long-term planning to weather-driven solutions.

Waste management

Your one-stop-shop for smooth and streamlined waste management solutions, securely collecting, recycling and disposing of your waste so that you can focus on your core purpose. In partnership with you, we will set a strategy that ranges from operational targets to culture changes that empower employees to contribute to reducing waste.

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A critical partnership that keeps society going

Suomen Erillisverkot, the State Security Networks Group Finland, provides operations that are essential to Finnish society as a whole. But even the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t affected ISS’s delivery of technical services, energy management and other offerings.

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People make places, places make people 

At ISS, we’ve got decades of experience delivering unrivalled compliance and consistency in our technical services. Made possible by people who care.

  • Recruiting and training the best, most service-minded technical talent in the business, and empowering them to put the customer’s needs first. 
  • Offering cost-effective technical services of the highest, accredited standards, while ensuring compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations across industries and continents.  
  • Ensuring business continuity through data-enabled management and monitoring, allowing customers to manage incident reports, scheduling and processes with ease.  
  • Reducing waste and lowering environmental impact through data collection, best practice sharing, innovation and consumption reduction.  

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