Customer cases

Learn more about how our partnerships with customers connect people and places to make the world work better – from making workplaces run more efficiently to improving people’s health & well-being.



Sustainability and efficiency through building management

An American multinational information technology corporation asked us to help them reduce their annual energy consumption to be more profitable and to meet their published sustainability goals. They also needed a way to create and monitor a more efficient workplace. Here’s what we’ve done.



Optimising building performance through smart energy management

As part of their 2030 goals to create more sustainable and innovative facilities, one of our customers wanted to launch a global smart building programme, providing the ability to analyze and monitor the energy performance of all its buildings.



Enhancing hygiene for air travelers

One of the largest U.S. airline providers, offering air transport to hundreds of destinations around the world, turned to ISS when they needed to create an extra attractive passenger experience – for over 120,000 passengers per month.



Reducing paper waste and building a more sustainable mindset

At one of the top 20 insurance carriers worldwide, ISS Guckenheimer provides food services to its thousands of North American employees. Here’s how we helped them advance their sustainable and environmental initiatives – while making savings too.



Creating a zero waste environment

One of our customers provides innovative packaging solutions and wanted to create a forward-thinking and sustainable campus that aligns its company’s mission and vision with its internal 2020 sustainability goals. As part of our solution, our customer reduced carbon emissions by 902 tonnes – and more.

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